I remember in the Windows 95 days that Microsoft held a contest to name the new form of the wait cursor that showed a regular cursor plus a small hourglass animation, shown while an app was launching to give you visual feedback that it was waiting but the rest of the system was still active.

The winner was "start glass".

I can't find any reference to this name for that cursor mode anywhere on Google now. Did I imagine it or misremember it?

@brion "background busy" cursor? I definitely remember it too but was too young at the time to know any technical name for it.

@cj looks like the current preferred term is "working in background pointer" o_O

love how the doc says to use both words and a picture and then doesn't have a picture

@brion perhaps try asking Raymond Chen? He collects funny and useless trivia about Windows and publishing it on his "The Old New Thing" blog. (Also has a book, highly recommended)

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