uspol, sorta 

I often think about the movie "Bridge on the River Kwai". British troops in Asia (Burma I think?) are captured by the invading Japanese and as POWs are forced into slave labor to build a bridge.

The British leader waxes poetic about how the bridge will still stand after the war is over and the Japanese leave and the people in the local villages will benefit from the bridge, so by gum they're going to build it right.



uspol, sorta 

Meanwhile an escaped POW comes back with commandos and they blow up the bridge because the Japanese will use it to transport troops and equipment for their invasion and occupation.

When you want to save a statue or a government agency because you think it will help people in the future, think too about what it's doing right now.


uspol, sorta 

@brion and, in the case of the majority of the Civil War Confederate statues, they were put in place decades AFTER the war and serve as a form of intimidation to marginalized groups.

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