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boost from birdsite, Python governance 

boosting [on important things the PSF board should discuss]

Packaging is definitely a big one. We've been getting a good bit of grant funding to improve pypi and pip, which should hopefully start showing gains, but there's certainly a lot in the packaging space, and a lot of legacy stuff to consider.

boost from birdsite, software feedback 


It's actually a huge issue for most software - happy users rarely talk to you.

This is why developers add telemetry, or push surveys at you. Those who can afford focus groups and user research do them extensively.

Help out your favourite projects: tell them why you like them.

boost from birdsite, greed 


Every day, in every way, The People Who Are Corporations look at the geese that lay their golden eggs and sharpen their axes because that goose might lay an egg today but there could be two inside it.

boost from birdsite, tips on working remote 

boosting (thread from January 11, 2020)

1) have an activity that signals the start of your work day and the end of your work day.

You work remote/at home/sometimes commute-less. You need something that signals your brain that test is over, play is paused, and work is commencing. Showers, walks, breakfast, whatever.

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting @`chris_swenson

Free Python course materials!

I put in a FOIA request to the NSA for their Python training materials and got back a 400-page printout of their COMP 3321 training course.

So, I scanned and OCR'd it. Here is a PDF (warning: 118 MB)

boost from birdsite, cw: police misconduct 

boosting Sean Perryman
@`SeanPerryman3 thread

I want to speak less about Mayor Bloomberg and more about the program he misused and the people it impacted.

People often refer to #stopandfrisk as if it were simply a misguided police tactic. I believe they envision it as an unpleasant but brief encounter with the police.

boost from birdsite, privacy 

boosting Bernard Tyers @`bernardtyers

Interesting development - Whimsical removes Google Analytics from their web service, citing":

"100% of our product decisions over the past year were based on strategy, qualitative feedback and our own needs."


boost from birdsite, pandemic and love 

boosting thread

We're going to have to take care of one another. Period. Not because we're great. Not because of a leader inspiring us.

But because we can be a people who love each other, who care for our neighbors.

boost from birdsite, cute inspiring comic 


The weird bunny avatar is back for an illustrated version of a tweet thread I made three years ago about comics insecurity. I've luckily internalized most of this now, but maybe someone else might like to hear it. <3 I love you. Keep making.

(see link for several comic panel images)

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting @`mousevspython

This week I chatted with @`mpirnat
about #Python, @`PyOhio
and more!

boost from birdsite, Python, ACNH 


Python friends who do Animal Crossing, enjoy…


(a Python tee design that users can get in-game)

boost from birdsite, Love Never Dies 


“Beneath a moonless Sky” like girl it was cloudy, that’s not that special

boost from birdsite, plus-size clothing 

boosting regarding

I bought some today, because these are literally THE BEST tights I've ever gotten and I want this company to live. No one else I've found does this level of quality with this colour range for fat people. plus chub rub shorts in cute colours for summer! sizes up to ~US 32 with more info

boost from birdsite, managing remote workers 

boosting thread

Dr. Erin L Thomas
Employees are burning out. Concerned leaders are encouraging time off but folks aren’t taking it. Here’s my take on what’s going on (beyond typical flexibility stigma) and what empathetic managers can do about it./1

boost from birdsite, WisCon book 


I'm very, very proud to share that the WisCon Chronicles Volume 12: Boundaries and Bridges, coedited w/@`MsUppityness
is forthcoming from @`AqueductPress
later this month! It's at the printers & will be available to order soon!

[see links for cover, list of authors, and excerpt]

boost from birdsite, tooling for certs 

boosting Alex Gaynor @`alex_gaynor

. @`paultag
and I built an SSH CA for AWS:

It's written in Go and comes with a terraform module to deploy it and a CLI tool. You can use it to get MFA and short lived certs for SSH incredibly easily.

Try it out and give us feedback (issues/PRs)!

boost from birdsite, Delany book 

boosting Jed @`elysdir . more info

The first book from my small press is now available for preorder!

The ebook of Samuel R. Delany’s essay/memoir _Heavenly Breakfast_, about his time in a commune/rock band in NYC in 1967-1968, is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Will be published this Friday, February 14.

Coming soon to Apple Books.

boost from birdsite, funerals 

boosting thread about a socially distanced funeral

i hope very much that i will not have to attend any more funerals like this in the coming year.

boost from birdsite, absurd advertising materials 

boosting thread

Andrew M. Webb
I'm having trouble concentrating on science animations right now, so instead here are some screenshots from my favourite document on the planet.

These are taken from a 'work in progress' document from Pepsi's 2008 rebrand. Every figure is as incomprehensible as this one. 1/23

boost from birdsite, GoodReads alternative 

boosting Recurse Center

This weekend's Joy of Computing:

Book Wyrm, a federated alternative to Goodreads that lets you track what you're reading and share it with friends. By @`tripofmice .

Try it out here:

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting thread about #wiscon #c44 #wiscon44 #WisCONline

Ever wanted to attend a feminist science fiction convention, for free, from your own home? Next weekend, you can! But you need to register by May 20.

boost from birdsite, paid remote gig 

boosting Free Law Project


We are urgently looking for a technical summer intern to work on our massive collection of judicial financial disclosure reports. Please help spread the word! All the details here: Questions:

boost from birdsite, pandemic, usecon 


This crisis lays bare how much our economy depends on unpaid and underpaid labor. There's simply no functioning market without a foundation made up of things that markets can't provide on their own: healthcare, childcare, elder care, and all types of domestic labor.

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

#WisCONline #wiscon44 #wiscon #wc44 boosting

Register by tomorrow (May 20th) for @`wisconsf3 so you can watch our auction Saturday night! List of auction items, and a trailer, at

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`WisConSF3

Today is the LAST DAY to register for this year's virtual #WisCONline convention! Sales will close at 7PM Central Time (GMT-5); be sure to get in before then!

A reminder that if you registered for the original *in-person* #WisCon44 convention before it was cancelled, your membership was rolled over to NEXT year's con (#WisCon45 in 2021). Double-check that you re-registered for #WisCONline!

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`wisconSF3

Registration for #WisCon44 is open through Wednesday May 20. The default cost is $10, but you can also register for $0, $25, or $55.

boost from birdsite, Python, request for help 

boosting Nicole Harris

Python people!

The pip team needs your help!

Do you have complex project dependencies?
We want you to try to break pip's new dependency resolver...

Details here:

Please RT!

cc @`bernardtyers

boost from birdsite, education 


Goal for 2020: figure out how to deliver instructor training effectively online when learners have unreliable internet connections. Zoom + Google Docs is great when connections are stable but unfair when they're not.

boost from birdsite, remote conventions 


Andy Wingo
in-person confs are third places where you can think different things, you have no domestic responsibilities or interruptions, and you can catch up w colleagues & friends over backchannel beverages. single-threaded video calls have none of that 🤷

boost from birdsite, Zoom, accessibility 

boosting Katie Cue @`ktquiet

Hey @`zoom_us
- any plans to offer support for your numerous ASL users on the platform? A way to “pin” the interpreters separately from the rest of the content would be awesome

boost from birdsite, scifi 

boosting Nisi Shawl @`NisiShawl

Contract signed, so I'm going ahead to tell you I'm a co-editor of the Library of America's first Octavia Butler volume. @`gerrycanavan
is my co-editor. My contribution's basically writing an intro. Coming out Spring 2021!

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting Mariatta 🤦 @`mariatta

Lightning Talks
- What do you need from pip, PyPI, and packaging? by Sumana Harihareswara
- A Retrospective on My "Multi-Core Python" Project by Eric Snow


boost from birdsite, hiring 


is hiring for a *ton* of positions, some tech-specific, others not. Building power for Black people and winning real change. Pass it on.

And if we know each other and you apply, lmk.

boost from birdsite, uspol 

boosting @`aishaismad
Drones being used on you. Riot gear first exported to authoritarian states being used on you. This is why you need to care about foreign policy. Those of us in the developing world--we are laboratory rats. It starts with us. It finds its way to you.

boost from birdsite, free pair programming offer 


Dustin Ingram
Going to pair with @`EWDurbin
this Friday again, but starting next week anyone is welcome to grab some time at

Details below

boost from birdsite, GitHub UI 

boosting Yeray Diaz
Does anyone else feel bad when selecting "Request changes" in GitHub reviews?

In my mind it's more of a suggestion...

boost from birdsite, time humor 

Dustin Ingram
hey @pganssle now that you're "python time czar" or whatever, we should probably start a discussion about adding a few more hours to each day

feeling like this whole "days only have 24 hours" thing is definitely a bug

boost from birdsite, teleconferences 

boosting Evan Prodromou
Our remote @`W3C
advisory committee meeting this week has been revolutionary in format. All the presentations were pre-recorded and available to watch at leisure (synchronized speaker, slides and transcripts) a week ago. The conference was 2 days of synchronous Q&A and discussion.

boost from birdsite, programming humor 

boosting amy nguyen
[looking at a test failure]
brain: what is reality? what if logic cannot be trusted? what if I must accept the futility of the premise of software being something that can be reasoned about, what if some mysteries can never be solved... oh haha I made a typo test is passing now


boost from birdsite, programming humor 

@brainwane hehe, it me

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