Have your GNU Mailman mailing lists updated to version 3? I'm curious if others have seen it more in the wild...

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@brion it turns out i _run_ a couple on 2, which is disconcerting. (i mean, they exist because i clicked some things in dreamhost control panel, so "run" is a bit of a stretch here. i should probably find out if they have some option to upgrade.)

@brennen @brion btw I brought this up with and the Mailman lead says "I am happy to help any hosting companies to migrate their Mailman 2 users off to Mailman 3."

@brainwane @brion nice - re: dreamhost, i'm making a note right now to check whether they don't in fact have an upgrade path.

@brainwane (doesn't look like they have any visible plans / upgrade path. i submitted a support ticket and will see if i can escalate it to someone who might give a real answer. thanks for the ping.)

@brainwane to close the loop on the dreamhost bit, i got a response to the effect that postorious doesn't expose enough settings via web UI, so until the web configuration experience is workable for them dreamhost won't be planning a migration.

(at this point, i don't know enough to comment, having only admin'd a couple of v2 lists on a shared hosting plan, but i this seems like a pretty reasonable explanation for not migrating on the face of it.)

@brennen Thank you! I shall pass that info along. I appreciate you following up.

@brion Why put in the effort into upgrading to 3 when you could replace it with something like Discourse that has a sane UI designed for normal people?

@mjog if there's follow through that's great, otherwise it leaves hundreds or thousands of users on an old version of a tool that's known to be horribly painful to use and administer AND now you have other hundreds of people on a new tool, with bifurcated conversations and insufficient administration time to handle them both.

You have to have an actual migration plan and shut down the old tool.

@brion I still need to test that.... but I sure will I guess.

@brion still trying to get rid of mailman and switch GNOME to Discourse instead.

@brion I've been looking at v3 since before it was released, their Hyperkitty webui showed great promise. At we really wanted something inclusive for the end-users who don't get mailing lists as a concept. Unfortunately it did not materialize.
@ePirat looked again recently and nope.
Also no good migration path AFAIU.

@tbr @brion @ePirat

What seems to be an overlooked part of Mailman 3 is its REST api. I am actually developing a brand new admin U.I. called Affinity to replace Postorius. Empathy will be the forum/archive replacement for Hyperkitty. I want Empathy to be patterned heavily after Discourse. Affinity/Empathy will have great virtual domain support and a very strong mailing list core (Mailman 3) that Discourse seems to be lacking. BTW, I migrate MM2 lists to our MM3 service all the time.

@tbr @brion @ePirat

This is a screen shot of the List Owner board (via Affinity) for a Mailman 3 list.

@brainwane @brion @ePirat Maybe I fail to see the whole thread there, but this just talks about migration.
We did figure that out at least for testing at
It was what we saw after the migration that was underwhelming. Most problematic was that Hyperkitty did not deliver what was promised. The designs were completely different to what it was.
One speciific use case of ours: Offer "forum like interface, but with sensible threading view"
There was a G+ discussion too with some mailman ppl.

@tbr @brion yeah still no easy way to migrate and usability of Hyperkitty as not good, to put nicely.

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