A thread of some boosts from birdsite - in this thread I use ` to break up the @-mentions to indicate they're from Twitter.

boost from birdsite 

boosting Lexi Beach
If you are putting the institution above the people, you are doing it wrong. (This is a subtweet.)

boost from birdsite, cw racist violence 

boosting @`lotormatic
Complete Streets aren't complete unless everyone can safely and comfortably use them. We talk about safer infrastructure all the time but all the traffic diverters and hi-viz crosswalks in the world can't protect you from an aggressive racist with a gun.

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting @`di_codes twitter.com/di_codes/status/12
Today we merged support on @`pypi
for PEP 592, adding the ability to "yank" releases, and for installers to determine which releases have been "yanked"! Nice!

...but, uh, what is a "yanked" release, you might ask?


boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting @`di_codes
The yanked status of a release is exposed to installers via the API. If they support PEP 592, they'll automatically respect this flag.

Support already exists in pip (since 19.2, released last year) so chances are you can already take advantage of yanked releases!


boost from birdsite, volunteering 

boosting Karsten Wade
Ready for writers!

The Open Source Way 2.0 call for writers is now open:


Yes dear friends, it's really happening. #opensource

boost from birdsite, availability 

boosting Jen Myers
@`antiheroine twitter.com/antiheroine/status
Twitter friends, I have reactivated my full-time job search. Please spread the word and reach out if you would like to chat! hello@jenmyers.net Links to more info in the thread.

I also have some availability in the near future for some small gigs, so if you have a discrete writing project or would like a bit of website/newsletter/remote work consulting, we can set that up.

boost from birdsite, sexism 

boosting Elizabeth Barron
Bonus benefit to mask wearing is nobody tellin us to smile more

boost from birdsite, remote gig 

boosting Steven J. Cooke twitter.com/SJC_fishy/status/1
I have $ for recent grads/post docs to analyze/write up interesting datasets related to env sociology / human dimensions of resource mgmt on a contractual basis. Does not require moving and cud be from anywhere. steven.cooke@carleton.ca @`SCB_SSWG

boost from birdsite, online event this weekend 

boosting !!Con
!!Con 2020 is just five days away!

Check out our schedule of events at bangbangcon.com/program

We'll be posting our public livestream link here when we have it ready.

2:54 PM · May 4, 2020

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting twitter.com/di_codes/status/12 from Dustin Ingram

Going to pair with @`EWDurbin
this Friday again, but starting next week anyone is welcome to grab some time at di.codes/pairing

Details below

boost from birdsite, sf/f 

boosting Jed
The online magazine _Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show_ ran from 2005 through 2019.

Reading it required a paid subscription at the time, but now all 69 issues have been made freely available.


boost from birdsite, cw police violence 

boosting twitter.com/nick_w_estes/statu

My neighbor didn’t show up for work. His boss called the cops to do a “welfare check.” They shot and killed him.

It’s 2020. Everything is canceled except for police terror.

boost from birdsite, cute sheep 

boosting Sami Abdul Aziz
This sheep escaped a farm and spent 6 years in the mountains, during which time he grew 60 pounds of wool. Wolves tried to eat him, but their teeth could not penetrate the floof. You don't have to turn hard to survive the wolves, just be really, really soft and fluffy.


boost from birdsite, cute sheep 

@brainwane if I keep forgetting to trim my beard my face will also soon be wolf-proof! :)

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