Ok I'm pretty happy with this revision of the MediaWiki TimedMediaHandler video player dialog.

Check it out in action!

Still some stuff todo, but it's a big step-up for the "beta mode" video player. Once it gets through review this'll land on Wikipedia, probably in a week or two. Next stab on it I'll make some improvements on audio handling and supporting embed/sharing.

So this mode, compared to the current default media player, has several changes:
* switches from an old unmaintained mwembed/kaltura player widget to modern video.js
* switches UI from old jquery.ui which we've deprecated elsewhere in MediaWiki, to OOUI which we use extensively
* has thumbnails which degrade to regular video players with JS disabled, instead of just pictures with links

Using video.js is a first step to more complex playback tech such as adaptive bitrate streaming, which we might later implement on top of videojs-http-streaming for the frontend.

And it understands modern WebVTT subtitles, which we will eventually want to modernize to.

And it's prettier. ;)

As with the older player, we have an adapter for our ogv.js shim to play Ogg or WebM media on browsers like Safari and IE 11 that don't support it. This works pretty transparently, with decent performance at modest resolutions in Safari, though it's pretty slow on IE and very old Edge versions.

Oh -- and I forgot to mention this one works on mobile, which the old player had lots of weird bugs with so we kept it disabled there.




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