If Open Source is now corporate pop,
but Free Software is still indie rock,
does that make pirated software punk as fuck?

@brion I hope so. Not that I've used a shit-load over the years or anything...

@brion given that a core component of punk rock was, and generally still is, DIY, plus being anti-corporate etc, free software is obviously the equivalent of punk, and open source is the corporate friendly 'new wave/indie rock' variant. Pirated software is just your normal trailer trash, illegal power hookups, etc, stuff, meth-heads stealing anything that they can lay their hands on, so musically maybe "hard" rock/rap? Crass did it all themselves, and early punks tended to make their own stuff.

@brion Actually, yes, in fact, almost all rap from day one featured 'samples' that were just stolen from the real artists, until they had to pass legislation limiting such samples to 15 seconds or less before copyright had to be paid. So that would be much closer to software piracy, plus whatever it is meth-heads like to listen to. Punk tended to be very creative and original when it started, before turning into another ossified music form. Hard to believe if all you've ever heard is greenday etc, lol.

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