Scouring my old college-era CD-Rs for photos of a high-altitude missile test from year 2000 or so, haven't found the right one yet. Ah well, y'all kids enjoy your current rocket launches.

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The milky-way-like blob from exhaust and exploding missile debris makes for lovely formations in the fading high-altitude sunlight, which were quite the rorschach test for my friends.

I recall I thought one photo looked like the starship Enterprise; the lady at the photo shop (before good digital cameras!) said it looked like an angel; my classmate said it looked like a dog. :)

@brion I might actually have a copy of at least one of those pictures. I'll take a look.

@brion I found this one. No EXIF, and the text file only notes that you took it, but the files are timestamped Oct. 4, 2003.

@brion And now it's even more distributed!

I'll email you the original(?) file, since Mastodon seems to have resampled it even though it didn't need to resize it.

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