I have mixed feelings on FB closing down API posts (ex. from WordPress, or IFTTT, or Buffer) to personal profiles. It probably will cut down on spam, but it also locks you further into their silo. (You can still write elsewhere and link back to it on FB, but you have to do it manually.)

Then again, isn't that also the argument against automatically cross-posting birdsite to Mastodon? That if you're not actually on the platform, you're not really participating?


@KelsonV the silos have a preferred _mode_ of participation that makes them the most money, but people are going to use what works for them... cf 'cowpaths' vs inconveniently laid out paved sidewalks. Banning the cowpaths is kinda lame IMO. :)

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@brion Yeah, it's like they fenced off the cowpaths so if you want to go there, you have to walk past the ad posters and the people trying to sell you stuff and the survey-takers.

@brion Sure, sometimes I want to take that path - there are people I want to talk to and places I want to go along that path too. But sometimes I just want to bypass the crowd and get where I'm going!

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