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ESR took a cool counterculture and got his shitty right-wing UNIX ideology all over it—he's not just a bad person, he's a exceptionally bad historian and you shouldn't take his word for anything, the jargon file that he "curates" reflects nothing like an actual 70s/80s programming culture.

here's a pre-ESR jargon file for reference: dourish.com/goodies/jargon.htm

#knitting / #crochet / #weaving / etc is the act of taking a 1-dimensional object and turning it into a 2- or even 3- dimensional one

Anybody got one of the Windows 10 on ARM devices? I keep thinking of getting one to fiddle with... should probably wait until the Snapdragon 850 updates come out.

Liminal spaces, such as when platforms switch architectures and multiple ISAs coexist, are always fascinating...

I found my DOS port in my old old archives! Still runs in DosBox with QuickBASIC 4.5 which is easily obtainable.


Which reminds me: the lack of a Surface device in the Windows 10 on ARM "always connected PCs" initiative is glaring. Microsoft needs to buy in and show they believe in it.

May be end of the line for this old Surface RT tablet. 32 gigs was barely enough for Windows RT and Office in 2012...

I remember typing in this BASIC game "Karma" from Compute! magazine. We had a PC not an Amiga, but I was able to port it to QuickBASIC pretty easily.


The new Xbox one avatar editor has a "suggest a new feature" button that points to a web site in Edge. Maybe not the most controller friendly experience...

So far so good. Mastodon and bookface notifications seem to come through much quicker.

I know it's unhelpful to tell people to RTFM but sometimes I really want to tell them to "read the fine error message that you copy-pasted with your inquiry, that literally says exactly what steps you have to do to make it work"

birdsite; CSS fail Show more

birdsite; CSS fail Show more

Turned off "Adaptive Battery" anyway in case it helps with the other apps. We shall see...

It claims the only app on restriction is the Delta check-in app. But Twitter, Chrome, Facebook, etc are always delayed. Why?

Android 9's HUGE delay on notifications is a HUGE step down in functionality since Android 8.

CONSTANTLY getting notifications on the phone 10 minutes after dealing with them on another device...

I'm gonna see if I can turn off this extra sleep stuff.

Success! Mid-2010 15" MacBook Pro is now much zippier with double the RAM and the vintage HDD replaced with a modern SSD.

Apparently IBM briefly made PowerPC-based ThinkPads in the mid-1990s, which could run Windows NT, AIX, or Solaris (!)


(found via osnews.com)

The libz_sys Rust crate will use a system zlib if it finds it, or builds its own static copy otherwise.

If you, say, forget to install zlib-devel before building your project, it will cache that local build until you run 'cargo clean' or such, rendering all your attempts at LD_PRELOAD'ing a custom zlib inoperative. :D

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