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me: i would like to buy one general-purpose computer please

apple: no

microsoft: maybe

dell: if you're a developer, ok for now

weird small linux manufacturers: duuuuuude try a drag of this one, maaaaaaaan, it'll make you see the bits in your miiiiiiiiiind

I saw some news headline to the effect of "Windows PC have to keep up with Apple by supporting to ARM now!"

Respectfully, honored journalist, I've owned ARM64 Windows 10 machines purchased in a regular online store for over a year

Windows already beat Apple to it.

Alaska Airlines has some *great* fare sales right now 🚎

research survey, Python, boost from birdsite 


boosting Nicole Harris

Python people!

The pip team need your input on a *tricky* problem:

How should pip handle conflicts with already installed packages when updating other packages?

Give us your answer:

For help:

RTs appreciated!

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feminism, boost from birdsite 

boosting Melinda Byerly

IDK what women need to hear this, but raise your prices.

If you are busy, raise them even more.

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celebrity death 

Heard this morning that Grant Imahara, my favorite from the old MythBysters team, has died. He was just a few years older than me... No details out yet that I've seen.

I really felt he was the glue holding that show's team together (and alas for many reasons it eventually fell apart).

Didn't get as into the later spin-off show, but had looked forward to other cool stuff in the future maybe.

So it goes.

tfw you come back to a compy after a few days and it has a Docker update prompt so you install it

then when it restarts there's another Docker update prompt

horrible food/cops joke 

Why do fries run from the fast food cops? They're an accessory to Hamburglary

no, tax program, I don't have any Olympic medal money to declare, and if I did, I wouldn't be using you

breaking into the Svalbard seed vault to make a true everything bagel

Imagine Deep Thought answering the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, but with no ETA and just an indeterminate progress indicator

This is what you people inflict on the world with your lazy UIs ;_;

When you install java it uninstalls from someone else's device to keep balance in the universe.

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There are 3 constants in the world
- death
- taxes
- 3 billion devices run Java

Oh, SIGGRAPH is virtual this year on account of pandemic, maybe I'll "go" and watch some talks.

Haven't been in years since I lived in Los Angeles and it was often there so convenient. :)

When I was young I used to get the cheap pass that let me into the expo hall and to see the academic poster presentations, but not get me into actual talks.

If I were writing a computer program I would simply include code which does what I want and not include code which does not do what I want

pharma annoyance 

called the insurance people and the human was able to help me more than the web site, but i still have to wait for them to set more things in motion. and it might still all fuck up later.

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Nobody: ...

Me, eating a mini cheese plate snack: "Gouda is good-a, but cheddar is bettar"

Plus the video quality in low light scenes totally screams "I'm a real time h.264 codec, look at my artifacts!" which is kinda not great but I can live with it

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