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In the 80s computers weren’t snitches — if they detected an illegal operation they just looked the other way

Now they take a crash dump and send it automatically to The Man

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i really want a clippy plug-in that's like

"it looks like you're replying on a toxic web forum. would you like to delete and go do anything else instead?"

Text in librsvg starts to get better! Read more details in this blog post from Federico Mena-Quintero:

gonna see if this works with a fedora beta (without using the parallels tools since they don't work with the new kernel)

on the intel box, not the m1, i need more disk space ;)

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honestly my main vm gpu benchmark is 'load a web page in firefox and scroll with the trackpad'

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Ubuntu 20.04 VM on my M1 MacBook Air freaking *screams* now -- and in Wayland!

nicely done, all

lotta pieces had to come together for that to work

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*me looking at a tweet* what is this weird alternate universe nonsense spanish?

*me realizing* oh it's portuguese

in Parallels release notes:

"Support for VirGL in Virtio GPU which enables Linux 3D acceleration out of the box in supported Linux distributions, brings visual performance improvements, and allows using the Wayland protocol in Linux virtual machines."

In addition to BASIC and LOGO, I got an early taste of programming in a language available on the Atari called PILOT.

PILOT was kind of awful but hey i was a wee one!

hmm, by writing some small logo programs, technically i became a lisp programmer

*graybeard power intensifies*

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The Atari 800 had a second (right-hand) cartridge slot, almost exclusively used by programming and debugging tools. It had a couple more pins worth of access to the CPU.

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check out the dang docking bay of a cartridge slot on the atari 400

they were serious about RF shielding in the late 70s

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I have only vague memories of the parallel data bus for peripherals, I'll have to do more research.

But we had some kind of like switch or hub that connected more devices to it? For doing like two floppy drives and a printer.

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Eventually we got the 800XL too, which was a *major* upgrade in looks compared to the beige 1979 designs. Stark black, white, and silver, it *looked* like the future.

It had more RAM, an updated OS, a fancy expansion bus, and some new graphics modes.

Plus it was physically lighter and more compact than the old designs. Made it a lot easier to lug around to a different TV or whatever. ;)

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Sadly I don't have access to the original Atari 400, 800, and 800XL that I grew up with; my parents had given them to a friend who still had use for them many years ago, and they're long since passed on from there.

We got the 400 and 800 I think around 1983, when I was four. So these would've been the post-1981 version with GTIA graphics chip, and a decent amount of RAM.

We had the cassette drive but rarely used it, we got the 5.25" floppy drive pretty early on.

A classic "false friend" -- in Esperanto, "adulto" does *not* mean "adult" but "adultery".

You usually want "plenkreskulo" (roughly "grown-up" - plen/full+kresk/grow+ul/person+o/noun)

one of the planes in flight sim got harder to steer on the ground at low speeds in the last update and me and some other folks were comparing notes, and somebody pops up and points out that the actual plane has a free-castering nose wheel which explains the behavior we saw. it got harder, but more realistically so. :D

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