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If you don't believe in dynamic languages and JITs at 20, you have no heart

If you don't believe in static types and precompiled code at 40, you've never used a low-spec Windows laptop

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In the 80s computers weren’t snitches — if they detected an illegal operation they just looked the other way

Now they take a crash dump and send it automatically to The Man

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i really want a clippy plug-in that's like

"it looks like you're replying on a toxic web forum. would you like to delete and go do anything else instead?"

fun fact: "hoist by one's own petard" is both an example of military imagery and a fart joke

shakespeare was truly a master, my friends


if you are hoist on your own petard and die while criming, your friends will play "the dirge"

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if you embezzle enough money on purge day you can go on "the splurge"

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the purge, but you can only crime against billionaires

@cwebber The best and most precious part of email is that it lets anyone send a message to anyone else in the world immediately, without an existing relationship.

The worst and most pernicious part of email is that it lets anyone send a message to anyone else in the world immediately, without an existing relationship.

The locomotive-wagon was a marvel of steel and fire.

Many elves grumbled about the smoke and the loudness of it, but the plumes always put me in mind of an incoming storm, with the thunder to match.

I tucked my ear tips into a wide-brimmed hat, adjusting my dress and fake beard.

My human disguise was flawless.

The ticket vendor took my fistful of gold.

My Cabin was surprisingly spacious and lonely but I visited every kingdom twice!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Deep thoughts 

Guys, I'm beginning to think that PBS selling the rights to Sesame Street to HBO might have not been such a good idea in retrospect

in my personal schema, if february is the tuesday of the year, then late august is the friday afternoon and everyone is marking time until you can plausibly-deniably skate out the side door of the year

HBOMax merging with Discovery+ feels like the worst branding downgrade since AOL-Time Warner


Chocolate assortments always uncomfortably remind me that the things people want most from them (milk chocolate, nuts, toffee with the consistency of road tar) get about an 80/20 split with the things I want from them (dark chocolate, fruit centers, truffles)

This is your periodic reminder to go pull the batteries out of any electronics you have in storage.

mix tape that's just "Danger Zone" interleaved with "The Safety Dance" over and over

The Star Trek community has a great contempt for the Maquis, a revolutionary group fighting an armed struggle against an invading fascist state, but a love for the Klingon Empire, a brutal state that enslaves *four* entire species. This is an example of liberal & capitalist indoctrination. In this essay I will...

They had been promising Xbox Wasm support for Sim Update 10, but even with the 2-week schedule slip, they've slipped this feature back to Sim Update 12 a couple months down the road.

I'm not sure the exact nature of the problem; whether it's a code-signing thing that requires them to pre-generate and sign the DLLs, or something else.

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Flight Simulator 2020 deprecated doing add-ons as shared libraries (DLLs) directly loaded into the sim process, introducing a sandboxed WebAssembly (Wasm) environment to make it easier to validate add-on security for the in-game marketplace.

The runtime they went with does ahead-of-time compilation of the whole module into native code, cached until the .wasm file is changed by an update. But apparently this has been hard to get going on Xbox, due to its different security profile re executables

There's a reason nobody reads man pages and nobody provides well written man pages anymore: they're horrible, for authors and users alike. They were literally designed to be printed on paper.

Features I'd expect from a "modern" man system:

- cross references
- syntax highlighting
- search- & browse-ability
- actionable items
- anchors

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