ah, actually I think this was my fault. I'd moved some bits behind a feature flag in my Cargo.toml but I'm not sure the build for the C lib test ever got committed with the update. ;) Fixing...

Crap, something in a Rust update did break mtpng's C interface. My C-exported functions are no longer being exported into the .so somehow?

Also, iTunes for Windows runs like molasses on a hi-dpi display. But it doesn't update its state when the display scale changes, so you can switch to 100% scaling, open iTunes, switch back to 200% scaling, and get a pixelated but functioning iTunes.

*shakes head sadly*

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in other news, "19H1" sounds like a flu virus code name. Should I be afraid?

Upgrading my Windows partition to the release preview of 19H1? I, too, like to live dangerously.

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I have tithed my yearly tithe to Intuit for the privilege of doing what the IRS should do itself for free. Yayyyyy

Success building gnome-shell and gnome-screenshot with jhbuild! Took some fiddling but got there.

Taking a break to check on my wiki stuff, will get to updating the GNOME patches later.

This doesn't work on meson-built bits, where I'm just hacking them up to disable the docs generation for now. :P

Probably there's some way to fix gtk-doc so it's not broken in everything that uses it in jhbuild, but meh.

I often work with a Mac and a Linux PC side-by-side. Both have a "night light" or "night mode" set to change the display color temperature at sundown, but they don't change at quite the same time.

The Mac also subtly red-shifts with ambient light, so it has a slower shift from natural light to artificial, while the Linux PC flips temps as a single event, over a second or two.

It's just an amusing little break of the fourth wall...

The secret seems to be to add --disable-gtk-doc to autogenargs in jhbuildrc. Eliminates the circular dependency between glib and gtk-doc and the various things it needs.

...mostly you die. jhbuild's dependency management seems a bit inconsistent.

In the game of GNOMEs, you jhbuild or you die

Had to symlink meson into /opt/gnome/bin. *mysterious shrug*

Trying another GNOME compile. jhbuild always seems so breaky but I don't know any other good way to test changes to gnome-shell.

(Sometime later I'm going to get those screenshot patches back out and fix em up for submission. I did get one patch into this release which removed an unnecessary and slow transformation in gdk-pixbuf's png handler, which is a noticeable improvement in screenshot speed at high resolutions, but you still get the delay before the visual/audio feedback.)

Switched to the Intel-based wifi card and *poof* wifi just works.

Bluetooth doesn't, but I don't need it currently on this machine so I'll live. ;)

Ok, we got working nvidia x11 in F30 beta! But wifi's not connecting (Broadcom something or other). I think I have another card I was going to swap that out for that does Bluetooth also and runs on Intel chipset without a firmware blob requirement, so might try that later.

In the meantime using a USB dongle an 2.4 GHz network. :P

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