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In the 80s computers weren’t snitches — if they detected an illegal operation they just looked the other way

Now they take a crash dump and send it automatically to The Man

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i really want a clippy plug-in that's like

"it looks like you're replying on a toxic web forum. would you like to delete and go do anything else instead?"

I really love the look of shitty cellphone cameras from 2010. like the eyelash-looking lens flare of the sun, the fact that there's no dynamic range at all

My sister wanted a trapdoor for her birthday.

It's probably a stage she's going through

maybe a 4 port hub is enough, i see some little ones that don't require external power. that lets me consolidate the 3 gaming input devices, with room for one more (i do have a custom autopilot switch panel in the works that a friend is making a small batch of)

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ideally one that can run on the provided USB power, without a separate wall wart

plug space is also at a premium ;)

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ironically i also don't have an internal usb 2 header free, so to get the bluetooth dongle using the one on the other wifi card i'll have to install an *internal* mini usb 2 hub

might still do it, but I think I'm going to simplify my life and get an external usb 2 hub that's not awful, if i can find one

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front panel:
* bluetooth dongle
* ipad pro (usb-c)

back panel:
* vr headset (usb 3, definitely)
* webcam (usb 3, i think)
* logitech unifying receiver, used for 2 keyboard/mouse (one at work position, one at gaming position)
* flight yoke
* throttle
* rudder pedals

In theory a hub adds latency for the input devices, but flight simulator handles input at like 6 Hz so I don't think that's gonna be a problem for my flight sim stuff :D

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so i'm officially out of USB ports on my gaming PC now

i can gain one back by swapping out my current wifi card for another one i got that has a bluetooth interface (which connects to an internal header)

but i should probably just get a good, modern usb-a-focus usb hub

note most of the devices are actually usb 2-speed hid devices, except the webcam

me: i should watch all this new tv that's been coming out the last couple years

also me: oh look i can rewatch top chef from season 1

at some point our cable plan stopped including turner classic movies

i thought about re-adding it

but then i'd have to deal with the comcast web site

and probably it wouldn't work and i'd have to call in

and i'd rather just


If I had to run hurdles I would simply jump once, high enough to clear all of them

have they considered not putting obstacles in the way of runners so they don't have to jump over them and possibly get hurt

I like the recent GNOME releases pretty well, but imagine this -- add the 3d shell from Jurassic Park

General rule:
* you can make fun of how a feature or bug interacts with you as a user
* you can’t make fun of other users
* you can’t make fun of other devs

I’ll straight up block y’all for that shit

(yes i’m pretty sure there’s a way to turn that prompt off. no i don’t always have it done on any particular machine or know whether that’s been configured at the time i’m using it)

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To wake up a computer without accidentally typing into any text fields, I usually spam the “shift” key a few times, because it’s harmless when pressed by itself.

Except on Windows, where if you do it too many times it pops up a prompt about STICKY KEYS

get fucked, sticky keys. nobody likes youuuuuuuuu

webspider-man, webspider-man
does whatever a webspider can
scrapes the web anytime
caches pages just like flies
look out, here comes webspider-man

in the heat of night
from one page to the next
he is stopped only
by a robots.txt

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