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Sometimes I start up Fallout 76 even when I don't feel like playing, cause by the time it's loaded... Who knows?

Interestingly, the recommended way to create a USB recovery drive for the Surface Pro X is to download a .zip (requires inputting your serial number), then copy its contents on top of a USB drive formatted using the "create recovery drive", replacing any conflicting files.

This is some shit user experience imho, but that sort of thing is why they're adding an internet-based reinstall option like macOS got some years back. As long as it's not so bricked you can't get to that screen. ;)

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Last Windows 10 insider build failed to install on the Surface Pro X, then failed to roll back properly. Ended up being able to do a "reset" (though I downloaded and created a recovery USB image just in case), then finish the update from there.

My user files are intact, but have to reinstall all programs. It also seems to have wiped out my WSL filesystems, which means creating a new set of SSH keys. :P

I'm torn between applauding Torrid's website for being responsive to changes in window size (yay! well done) and hating that it's a hell of menus that pop up covering a third of your screen on mouseover...

I'll replace it with the higher-resolution version later, but for now it's up and viewable which is good. :)

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Helped out with a large-video upload to Wikimedia Commons yesterday, tried to stick with using Upload Wizard rather than manual server-side import to make sure I understood the current state of things.

The 2.5 GiB 1080p WebM file would always _upload_ ok but failed three separate times during chunk assembly, with various reported errors. This is not good, and I'm putting it on my list to tackle after finishing up the player frontend fixes.

A lower-resolution version at about 850 MiB worked ok though.

salsa is back up, i got successfully base build of gnome :D

*** success *** [111/111]

will fix up the patches later

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Yes, of course I want a rotary cell phone.

The power switch is an actual slide switch. No holding down a stupid button to make it turn off and not being sure it really is turning off or what.

fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out


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Welp, these CPU cores aren't going to fill themselves. Time to compile GNOME again and see if I can finish up that screenshot patch final adjustments soon :D

nvidia driver updating on my fedora box. I fear. I fear.

Still some drops when going in/out of tunnels but it's much more stable

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I will say, network connectivity on BART has improved the last few years. You know, now that I no longer live in the Bay area and have a commute there.

Planning to take Caltrain down to Mountain View for WebAssembly Summit tomorrow, since I stayed up in SF to get to stuff for the weekend. :)

wheeeeeeee I'm a commuter

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