The upstream SVGEdit app needs more work too; it's seen some additional cleanup & packaging in the last couple years but there's a lot of improvements that could be done if someone wants to put work into it.

I'd also love a thorough security review; I'm not 100% sure I trust it to run same-origin but then I'm paranoid. ;)

the "teach children to code" initiative is a conspiracy by birthday cake manufacturers to lessen their workload by making it acceptable to literally put "Happy nth birthday" on birthday cakes

Updating the old SVGEdit extension for MediaWiki.

It's been broken for a while due to bitrot: some bad cleanup commits made it in that made the linter happy but broke the code at one point, and the upstream code's sample installation no longer allows cross-origin iframe communication by default.

Fixed the breakage and swapped the remote iframe for a local copy with a grunt script to mirror it out of node_modules.

Needs code review and future cleanup...

Ah, this explains why the battery always drains when i leave it closed and idle...

And it can't hibernate to disk without more swap space.

Suspend doesn't work on Manjaro on the Pinebook Pro. Well, you can suspend. You can't come back from it. ;)

Death of a thousand paper cuts.

On the other hand, I guess kudos for getting it mostly working?

star wars: the phantom menace 

star wars: the phantom menace 

Looks like this works in the stock MATE desktop, so it's just XFCE I have to fix on the Manjaro sd card. :D

When I get back to the Pinebook Pro I think I'm going to reset it to XFCE. Not as nice as GNOME for my muscle memory, but it doesn't break the GPU driver as often.

Pinebook Pro is very much a hobbyist device. It's fun to tinker with, but I won't be using it for work or on trips.

is shitposting when you use the poop emoji too much

Still irked that Google hasn't released a Windows ARM64 build of Chrome yet. I mostly use Edge now for testing Chromium & V8 stuff, but I also use Chrome as my "work browser" on other machines so bookmarks sync etc, so I don't want to use Edge for work stuff. Nor do I want to use custom dev builds with no API keys for real work...

The x86 Chrome works adequately in emulation, but it's noticeably slower than the native Firefox and Edge releases.

I think about this exchange from Farscape a lot.

"I've seen your world's science fiction movies. The aliens are always evil, and the humans always win. You have to understand it won't always be like that."

"You mean the aliens aren't always evil?"

"I mean you won't always win."


Manjaro's kernel for the Pinebook Pro seems to grok the big-little config of the CPU and correctly assigns work preferably to the big cores (numbers 5 and 6) during load. Yay!

Total throughput on my mtpng test using all cores is about 1/3 that of the Surface Pro X, which sounds about right considering the specs.

Meanwhile in Windows on ARM64... Surface Pro X does not seem to like the latest insider build; it hangs on boot and, after a couple of failed boots rolls itself back.

If you're backing up your flickr photos, make sure you grab the "account data" zip file. It includes a .json for each photo with all the metadata, like your descriptions, tags and comments.

The rest of the zips are just the raw .jpg and .mp4 files and have no metadata except an awkward attempt to render titles into the filenames.

Sample display corruption in 'open' dialog in Firefox on XWayland on GNOME on Manjaro with mesa-git on Pinebook Pro. It's also super slow until the dialog is dismissed.

Installed 'mesa-git' package and now it .... well it doesn't crash but you'll see the next photo after this is interesting ;)

I get a GPU crash when I open the 'upload file' dialog in Firefox. awesommmmmeeeeeee

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