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A Socialist Silicon Valley | The best way to reform Silicon Valley is to strike at the root of its power — and that means taking on private ownership.

Opened the Weather app on my Win10 PC and got a popup about upcoming ToS changes for Microsoft Services. There's actually nice details linked through the page they send you to, including a sort of 'diff' overview listing all the changed bits and approximately what the changes were.

However this dialog box is just awful:

Had a regression with emscripten on macOS where it changed how the compiler got called on Unixy operating systems such that the .py files used their shebang pointing to python2... which does not exist on macOS (just python and python2.7). Fix is in the works, but it's the kind of fun thing you discover when things rely on python in this 2/3 hybrid world and also Apple does not maintain their Unix side as nicely as I'd like.

my kingdom for a python2 symlink

Oh hey, iOS 11.3 came out and WebAssembly works in Safari again.

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Just had a realization re: #gamedev. Especially as I get older w/a wonderful family, I have less time for games. Getting on and playing at same time with friends is near impossible.

BUT! (and MMOs have this) the ability to multiplay async is possible. Crafting and sending items to help your friends, etc. (Note: I am not talking about turns sitting in a notification somewhere.)

Designing a game with lots of ways players can async play together is a critical element.

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"Fight," the master said, "as if nobody is watching."
"To not be distracted?"
"To use any means?"
"No. To never fight for glory."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Here's my take on pingbacks:

1. The sheer amount of "public" data on the internet allows people to have "public" whispernetwork conversations with the expectation that the problematic person is unlikely to notice.

2. People are unclear about what a "public" toot is. Unlisted? Still public.

3. Because of #1 and #2, pingbacks set up the most vulernable users so that problematic people will get a *notification* of people linking to a problematic website.

This will lead to more online harassment

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The spaceship landed, and an alien emerged. "Take me to your leader."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I'm the producer of a comedy reality show."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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If I ever own a store, I'm naming it "Caveat Emporium"

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No wonder lispers have so much fun writing macros. I HAVE THE PROGRAM'S AST AT MY COMMAND (rolls in ball of mud, types flying everywhere).

Will Debian stable update its node when 4.x falls out of maintenance LTS next month, or will it just get more and more out of date while everyone uses the newer packages manually?

First problem is that Debian's mesa is too old to include it, so I had to compile a fresh one in a side dir to test it. Then it needed one point-release newer version of libdrm, which I had to also build and install. Then I seem to be able to use it if I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH but for GALLIUM_DRIVER llvmpipe works but swr doesn't, with no debug output that I can find no matter how I fiddle the env vars. *insert unicode shrug*

Should in theory work on my laptop, though with only 2 cores of fun. But for the life of me can't get it to render in a Debian VM. *tableflip*

Hmm, I wonder if OpenSWR would be any faster for our 3d model thumbnailing than llvmpipe? Once again my ancient PC workstation is too old to test it, with no AVX support in its Nehalem-generation CPU. ;_;

Turn over your event loop with this one weird nextTick()!

Turns out you can kill Node.js by concatenating too many strings before garbage collection catches up! (Luckily there's a handy workaround for our case.)

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If I may Just Suggest:

Instead of letting 2038 only be talked about in terms of "the Year-2038 Problem",
can we please refer to it as "The Beginning Of The Second Unix Epoch"