Successfully built ogv.js with emscripten in aarch64 Ubuntu in WSL on Windows 10 on ARM64. :D

Posted a PR for emsdk to make sure it doesn't try to install Linux x86/x64 bits (you have to build clang/LLVM from source for now), and made one tiny tweak to ogv.js build scripts.

Now... uh... bedtime.

Looks like it's actually the big/powerful cores it's shutting down as it throttles -- the little/slower cores always remain active, along with one or two big cores. Still compiles LLVM/clang in under 2 hours, which is better than I'd ever get out of a rpi ;)

Can confirm no WSL2 on ARM64 (yet). Not sure if there's a hardware limitation on virtualization on the current machines or if Microsoft just haven't ported Hyper-V yet. But WSL1 still works for things that work with it. :D

I love that the Visual Studio installer has its own, smaller installer

I compared the benchmark numbers for my multithreaded PNG encoder on my upgraded 2009 workstation (8 cores / 16 threads, 2.26GHz Xeon E5520) and this 2018 arm64 laptop (8 cores, 2.96 GHz Snapdragon 850) and they're neck and neck. :D

Sure, the laptop throttles down after a few seconds of sustained CPU usage, but it's a fanless light laptop, not a big ol' mid-tower case.

Tech advancement isn't just about how powerful a CPU we can make, but where we can put them at lower mfg & power cost.

Build finished... emscripten running on aarch64 Linux in WSL on Windows 10 arm64 laptop \o/

If I can get MediaWiki running this could actually serve as a lightweight travel laptop (and it has built-in LTE which is perfect!)

The Snapdragon 850 throttles down aggressively under load, running at 2.0-2.12 of its maximum 2.96 GHz during an LLVM compile in WSL.

Also, it's not filling all 8 cores, leaving 2 little cores idle. The machine feels warm to the touch but not too hot, so for a fanless laptop that's good thermal management.

Makes my compile slower though. ;)

All I'm saying is calling a car the "Fusion" when it's not fusion-powered is false advertising

i've been informed that a quote "stan" unquote is not, in fact, someone who is extremely fond of the works of Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem, and i, for one,

Converting an existing WSL installation to WSL2 is slow if you probably forgot to delete gigabytes of old build trees

Firefox decodes VP9 in software, while Edge decodes it in hardware. Heh!

Interestingly, Task Manager distinguishes between 64-bit processes and "32-bit" processes, but doesn't distinguish between 32-bit x86 emulated processes and 32-bit arm native processes. They're both labeled as "32-bit". o_O

Eg Netflix has an arm32 binary but not arm64 yet, and it runs the arm32.

Sadly, Fallout Shelter doesn't play on the arm64 Windows machine, as they only made an x64 build in the Windows Store, no x86 to emulate or arm to run natively. ;_;

I'm patchin
They reviewin
Trying to catch me whitespacing dirty

Updated an old PR and it seems to work. Gonna add some configurability.

Ok back to fixing subtitle loading on video.js to not load all languages at once \o/

One minor problem in Firefox: FLAC decoder is missing, as the ffmpeg libs used for that aren't building on Windows/ARM64 yet:

Overall I'm reasonably pleased with this Windows-on-arm64 machine; it's snappy enough with native binaries, and runs x86 ones too if you need them. Building anything for it outside Visual Studio seems a pain as they're rare machines and poorly integrated into third party build tools tho.

Lack of virtualization support may be its eventual undoing since it won't run WSL2 I guess; I don't know if that's a hardware limitation or if MS just haven't ported Hyper-V yet.

Pretty sure it doesn't help that there's not a native arm64 build of Visual Studio or the compiler, so you have to run the x86-to-arm64 cross tools. ISTR rust/cargo not liking cross-compiling on Windows.

Can't quite get a Windows arm64 build going; something's going awry and it seems to be trying to build some bits for x86 and others for arm64...

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