The charging icon on Android 10 looks like a scared ghost at around 70%

Apple TV + in browser seems to work in Firefox. Nice!

ITunes for Windows installs and "runs" on the arm64-powered Surface Pro X in emulation, but it's extra crashy. Sometimes complains it can't save its data file due to lack of memory. :(

Works for my screenshot video trick though.

The Outer Worlds; game UX issues 

The null-Terminator 

In Firefox, I have video play working but not audio, and in Safari I have audio play working but not video.

oh god what async event magic hell is this now

Me: "Ok I'm trying to finish this JS work. No distractions!"

Rust: "1.39 just came out with stabilized async/await."

Me: "... I'll be right over."

Hacked some more on the new video popup player for MediaWiki, and I think I've got it working correctly (loads OOUI, pops up dialog, clones the video, sets up the video.js frontend, and starts playback) on both desktop and mobile.

Now to put a nice UI on the dialog and size/position the video (why is vertical centering SO HARD), and I think we can merge that to the beta mode soon.

Under an Insider build, WSL2 works on the Surface Pro X (some older ARM64 Windows devices don't support virtualization, but this one does). Nice!

Some overhead from the virtualization, and I worry about the Linux scheduler not understanding the big-little setup, but it works and should support more software than the WSL1 kernel emulation did.

I connected my tablet to an external monitor and was briefly baffled that I couldn't touch-drag a window from the tablet to the external screen (which is not a touchscreen).

"How quaint!"

things every graphics programmer needs to know how to do:
-> gamma correct colour mixing
-> the phong lighting model
-> how to sacrifice tris and quads to the elder gods of pixel to ensure a bountiful fragment pipeline

As far as I can tell, BigInt64Array allocates a new BigInt for every value read from the array. This can make repeated operations slower than on an Array of BigInts (which is however much less memory efficient because every entry has its own allocation!)


why did they make BigInt

I'm kinda digging the Surface Pro X; unlike previous Windows ARM64 hardware it doesn't feel cheap (nor is it). As much as I like things like the rpi and pinebook I really want more premium-quality/performance ARM hardware that's not Apple-locked.

WSL gives me a Linux ARM64 environment too, at least for CLI stuff, but I'd love to see officially Linux supporting hardware that's this good...

Isaac Asimov makeup tutorials, part 1: 

"Maybe... generations are not all homogenous?"

"Ok, Gen-X/Millenial-cusper."

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