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The speed at which Federated timeline updates itself makes it hard to read anything

Gosh, do I hate modern and their lifestyle devices!

Woke up 50 minutes late because the alarm did not go off once again. I always have two alarms and none of them triggered. Almost missed a crucial deadline and had to write my daily mail on the iPhone on my way to the meeting:

Was about to send the mail, but wanted to attach a colleague in CC.Tabbed out of Mail, and accidentally tabbed her email address.Mail opens a new message and discards the old draft without asking or saving! WTF!?

Today, the European Parliament voted 348–274 to pass a new copyright directive which will harm free knowledge. We believe that this is a disappointing outcome, the impacts of which will certainly be felt for years to come.

.@NASAHubble, what's the weather... on Neptune?

A storm tracking team at @NASAGoddard analyzes telescope data to observe the formation and paths of weather systems on the icy planet. What's next? Studying the storms' vortex and wind speed: 

I have analysis paralysis now on deciding where to publish my personal projects or blog posts given I now have several social media accounts and pages. Some are anonymous with larger followings, or others I use my rea name, like here, with relatively few followers. I like to publish under my name now, but feel bad for orphaning my older blog/SM accounts and small audiences. Same with Youtube videos

Round #2 with Mastodon. Going with a real identity rather than a pseudonym. Good idea? I don't know

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