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@deshipu I do wonder where they go because I'm approaching my 40's sooner rather than later and starting to get worried.

Why are Uranus & Neptune such brilliant shades of blue? What are the physics that drive their icy conditions? Where does heating & cooling occur in their atmospheres? @NASAGoddard scientists are gearing up to finally get to know the ice giants. Details: 

@oscarhall that looks like it could be a fake sci-fi OS they show in the movies

@brianl yeah, from my knowledge, python is usually the cleanest solution.

For NodeJS though, it can be as simple as
`import { ID3v2 } from 'id3v2';
const tag = new ID3v2('/path/to/test.mp3');

If you do go the Node way, search on npm for "id3v2" or "id3-parser".
And if you get stuck, I'd be happy to help.

@zladuric thanks! I could have sworn I searched for something in npm but didn't get much. Needed to search "id3". I can use node, have used before for some things

@zladuric I might go with Python since they seem to have a library I could just use eyeD3:

Wondering what might be a good language to do some homebrew apps for reading and writing file metadata and tags. I don't really want to use Java or C++, at minimum should work on Mac OSX, but ideally be easily cross-platform and have some existing library support for mp3. Wondering if or might be options but I'm less experienced with either

How is it that every single time I am going on vacation next week I work until 9 PM on the Friday night before and I still feel like I have unfinished business. What a way to “relax”

@aru thanks, but I just wanted to make some static web sites "easily", I'm not a front-end developer or a ruby developer, so I don't want to invest too much into that process just to enable my hobby and put my content online. I would almost rather go back to hand writing html as an alternative. As it stands I found a template that is -just ok- and will use it since I have it working.

@mushmouth Ya, I just want to create some blogs and I want to write them in markdown or something similar and use free/decentralized hosting of those static files. It's just annoying because I'm not a Front-end developer and there doesn't seem like a good workflow for doing this.

Choosing a theme:
- Looks good
- Uses standard jeckyll features
- ruby/ruby gem/dependencies setup and install works

Choose two

Is there a formal way on to retweet or quote tweet from ?

I see bots that just repost tweets verbatim, some other users link to tweets.

The speed at which Federated timeline updates itself makes it hard to read anything

@alexcleac @clacke I've only heard it from others also, I only used commercial Unix like Solaris / AIX before using Linux, and only as an end-user, not seeing any of the sys admin side of those Unix OS's

Gosh, do I hate modern and their lifestyle devices!

Woke up 50 minutes late because the alarm did not go off once again. I always have two alarms and none of them triggered. Almost missed a crucial deadline and had to write my daily mail on the iPhone on my way to the meeting:

Was about to send the mail, but wanted to attach a colleague in CC.Tabbed out of Mail, and accidentally tabbed her email address.Mail opens a new message and discards the old draft without asking or saving! WTF!?

@geekygent they made the iTunes / iphone Music apps as well as podcast apps completely unusable by trying to make everything cloud-focused

@clacke I always wondered why there seemed to be a notion that BSD was "better" than Linux as @alexcleac mentioned. What killer-apps did BSD have that Linux did not?

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