@brianl well, phone works fine, so ordered replacement screen and some tools. A little anxious about removing the glass from adhesive using hair dryer. Also found the Windows Phone marketplace being shut down and the built in Google mail account wont connect, keeps asking for password. Many websites dont load well in the old version of IE. This might be a lot of work

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Just had this wacky idea to resurrect my Windows 7 Phone (HTC Trophy) and program some useless apps for it. I briefly tried to make some XNA games on it back in the day. Now just thinking of porting over some versions of useful apps I use on iOS for the fun of it. My Trophy has a cracked screen so there is that to fix first

Where oh where to find good deals on 7th gen intel processors like i5-7500T and the like?

@fdgonthier I’m entering day 7 of my cold, it’s moving from my sinuses to my lungs right now. Hope you feel better

Trying to do some python pandas data frame manipulation and trying to use the to_datetime function seems to throw an exception with every date format? :doomguy:

Anyone have suggestions of a hosting service that can run very simple python scripts on a scheduled basis? Without costing a ton?

Recycling three generations of old Sony Vaio laptops. The work mostly ok, but are not needed by us anymore, run very hot and loud relative to newer laptops.

from left to right models:

Wiping them with dban last week was an adventure

fancy tip for command line git users 

@ashfurrow that seems great. Never liked the git cli diff interface, coming from SCM that integrated so well with IDEs. I know there are plugins but I do all my other git stuff from cli when I can. Thanks for the tip

Anyone have suggestions of a hosting service that can run very simple python scripts on a scheduled basis? Without costing a ton?

I do like technology and programming, but as I age, I do wonder if the product of my work could do something more better/tangible in the real world than pushing and pulling values to/from virtual databases and displaying data in web browsers. I regret not being more involved with either robotics or perhaps some kind of embedded device development, but that's just not where my career has led so far.

Ok, where do you learn to give 30 minutes of dry presentation with live software demos (no crashes) and barely blink. This man is a .

"Apple System Software Forum 1992-03-24 Tape 4 of 8 Mac OS QuickDraw GX"

Did you know in 2010 Apple released the source code for both MacPaint and QuickDraw library to the Computer History Museum?

I’m very interested in QuickDraw so I can realize my (fever) dream of recreating a modern OS that acts like Mac OS classic!

“QuickDraw is the Macintosh library for creating bit-mapped graphics... It consists of a total of 17,101 lines in 36 files, all written in assembler language for the 68000.”


Feeling like a boss for replacing the CR2032 battery in my car's key fobs after getting the "Key Fob Battery Low" message on my dashboard for about two weeks.

@GoatsLive @Tak @deshipu I really wanted to learn how to do my own plumbing, but the cost of making mistakes is thousands of dollars in potential water damage

@tari_alfaro thanks. seems that was based on OSX design? I was imagining the classic look and feel from early to mid-90s macs

I have this perverse desire to create an OpenSource version of the Macintosh OS (classic pre-X). And I don't have the time, nor expertise to ever accomplish it 😂

@oscarhall this is one of the reasons I gave up on using my Linux PC for anything other than an occasional hobby. Too often a patch would break something in nvidia-land (Ubuntu 10.10-14.x) or apt-get would somehow get corrupted with no way to recover after a while of use.

I started trying to use Ubuntu Mate, and at work its RH, but only as servers not PC

@lucasfabre 👍 👍 👍

Now it works with node v8 (had 0.10.x)

Thank you!

@Tak @deshipu Well aware of that and can empathize, I enjoy gardening to stay away from screens when I can (although my video game habit interferes)

I love Open Source:
Tried to install TiddlyWiki on node.js
Got errors apparently due to mismatch from my node version and version TiddlyWiki supports (undocumented dependency)

So trying to install nvm with brew and it seems to work except it doesn't work with bash: nvm: command not found



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