@deshipu @brianl I know one who left the industry to become a carpenter, and another who left to make knives.
That kind of work (using your body, still able to employ creativity, but with well-defined and documented physical properties of things like wood and metal) can seem very attractive after a long day(/week/month) of committee design meetings, fighting buggy frameworks you don't own, and other familiar nonsense.

@Tak @deshipu @brianl Interesting thread: My 57 year old little brother is staring at doing something different after coding professionally for over 35 years. He may end up running a pizza joint and kissing C++ good-bye!


@GoatsLive @Tak @deshipu I really wanted to learn how to do my own plumbing, but the cost of making mistakes is thousands of dollars in potential water damage

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@brianl @Tak @deshipu
I found myself plumbing most of yesterday! My brother in law needed a new bathroom sink. *(I really hate plumbing)

The key to plumbing is to take your time. It's pretty easy to tell if there is a problem and fix it. Just always know where the main water shut-off is!

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