Wondering what might be a good language to do some homebrew apps for reading and writing file metadata and tags. I don't really want to use Java or C++, at minimum should work on Mac OSX, but ideally be easily cross-platform and have some existing library support for mp3. Wondering if or might be options but I'm less experienced with either

@brianl I think I'm quite good with node and it gets you to productive fastest. (Python - cleanest). Which is why I'd go with go :)


@zladuric I might go with Python since they seem to have a library I could just use eyeD3: eyed3.readthedocs.io/en/latest

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@brianl yeah, from my knowledge, python is usually the cleanest solution.

For NodeJS though, it can be as simple as
`import { ID3v2 } from 'id3v2';
const tag = new ID3v2('/path/to/test.mp3');

If you do go the Node way, search on npm for "id3v2" or "id3-parser".
And if you get stuck, I'd be happy to help.

@zladuric thanks! I could have sworn I searched for something in npm but didn't get much. Needed to search "id3". I can use node, have used before for some things

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