I just realized one of my oldest internet accounts is 17 years old & I'm still active on it 😮 I joined FictionPress.com as a teenager to post my poetry, and stayed because I love reading self-published writing on there.

This has me thinking about the longevity of the websites & internet services we use. I'm surprised FictionPress is still going strong after nearly two decades, and I'm surprised by that surprise, as if I implicitly expect these services to have an expiration date. Then again, MySpace did...


@universal_traveler I have so many accounts from the late 90s, early 00s that I never consciously stopped using or canceled, but my usage just fell lower on the priority until I just stopped. Several web forums come to mind, and at least one is still running, and last I checked my account is still there. It is both good and bad. My gmail account is approaching 15 years old. But I would rather forget my posts on from even an older time on megatokyo.com/ :cringe:

@brianl @brianl lol this reminds me of the time a few years ago when I first I looked at my browser’s password manager and found login credentials for accounts I barely even remembered creating — there were so many! Also I’m impressed by your gmail longevity, have you experienced any hiccups in service during that time?

@universal_traveler no hiccups that I can remember, it's been very solid for me with plenty of storage. For a free product that is hard to beat. I realize now Google has probably been feeding me ads and reading my emails that whole time. But now I use it less as I'm more likely to use messaging apps from my phone to keep in touch with friends and family more than email.

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