Happy New Year guys!

2022 I'll try to use more this account...

I’ve finished the final stage of joining Mastodon and got a cat.

can you guys recommend me blogs and podcasts on neurodivergence, preferably by neurodivergent people? specially on autism and adhd :) i need more fuel to feed my little current obsession :blob_spin:

(english, spanish and portuguese content ok!)

#recommendation #fedihelp

If you've never heard of the Miniatur Wunderland, it's an amazing place in Hamburg, home to the world’s largest model railway.

Check out this video and get ready to have your mind blown: youtube.com/watch?v=R669l5CA1Y

tech organizing, two FSF's 

Yesterday I found a piece of the puzzle in my understanding of what's been happening at the FSF over the last several years. On the one hand we had the growing set of troubling stories about RMS's behavior that came as news to those of us who, at best, only knew him from the work we admired.

On the other hand one could see in FSF policies and practices, particularly at LibrePlanet, another, better sensibility at work.

In short, they unionized:


capitalism: client-server
communism: terminal-mainframe
anarchism: peer-to-peer
anarchosyndicalism: federated networks
anarchoprimitivism: the signal fire is lit! gondor calls for aid!

An open letter calling for the board at FSF to resign due to the reinstatement of Stallman to the board. You can sign it if you wish: rms-open-letter.github.io

Leadership is a skill. Management is a skill. Treating people with respect is a skill.

Learn and hone these skills just as you learn and hone your tech skills, and you will become a better dev and a better person.

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Free and open source software is a social movement, not a technical one. The GNU Manifesto is a social document, not a technical document. We must choose our leaders for their social skills, not their technical skills.

I really need to try to sleep early... The more I stay awake, the more I stay anxious.

I really need to try to sleep early... The more I stay awake, the more I stay anxious.

Hi Folks! I'm new on this instance... I created this account to practice my English a little bit and meet new people.
I'm a quite lost here, but I hope this can change soon. :dab:

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