Looking for your next Unifi switch? I replaced my core and looking to offload some supply.


The rack ears on the US-8 are custom, but included, as are the Cisco SFPs.

The Industrial switch does 430W of PoE++ (802.3bt) while the US-8 do 150W of standard PoE+


@vmstan what did you put into your core?

My APs and WAN all come into my bedroom closet. That’s where my router and POE switch are. There is one run to my office which has an XG-16 and a Gen1 24 port. I’d like to see if I can upgrade the link between office and POE to 2.5, 5, or if the cable in the wall is good enough, 10 GbE. 5 GbE would be good enough.

Then I want to see how good of a link I can make from the closet to where AT&T fiber ONT is located. They are offering 2 and 5 Gbit service now.

@vmstan if I replaced my POE switch with this and grabbed some of those 1/2.5/5/10 GbE SFP+ transceivers, I could test out the office to closet run. store.ui.com/products/switch-e and be upgrade ready for faster APs.

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