He’s upped his dog-roughhousing game this weekend after play fighting with a White Shepherd a good 25 lbs heavier and much longer and taller than him.

This little guy is 55 lbs now. Our taller older dog is 41 lbs.

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I love how he pushes the toy into my hand and immediately starts “fighting” me for it, even though I don’t have a grip on it.

We have a visitor in the house. He loves his “parents” (my daughter and her husband) so much that he gets anxious when they go out without him.

White Shepherd rescued from a shelter. Great dog.

Executive material here. Yup. That’s what we want controlling billion dollar industries.

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Just had a car service appointment canceled because all the mechanics are out sick.

Guess I’ll spend the time reading all these stories about how COVID is over

That if you have two AC zones in your home, using Ecobee thermostats (two completely separate AC systems), and you turn one from Cool to Off, the other goes to Off too. "Mode" is global, not local. Not sure why I hadn't run into this before.

I'm now a father-in-law, with my oldest having her wedding over this past weekend. She married a great guy, they both have bright careers ahead of them.

And I'm exhausted. What an extended weekend.

That’s what I get for rewriting the front half of the tweet and not making sure it still worked with the back end. 😂. s/was//g

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Pondering: Back in the day, why were no Spaghetti Westerns was made with a lead character named “Sam Pellegrino”

I'm finding more and more that contact forms for companies don't generate a response. Email to generic "sales@" email addresses on their contact pages often get ignored as well.

Businesses: Do not put forms or contact addresses on your site that are not monitored.

Half cup crushed ice. A couple of tablespoons of vanilla yogurt. An easy way to help cool down your dog and get them live cultures that the vet suggested.

I was an OEM Systems Engineer, and we did have one OEM that ran into greater than expected wear issues, due to a bug in our firmware that wasn't normally exercised much by others.

But other than that, I never really heard of wear out. In fact, our largest customer redeployed thousands of Fusion-io cards to new servers after 2 years of use (their server upgrade cycle), as they were barely worn.

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I'm still using Fusion-io cards today, and for the first time I saw (data from a friend) a card that was "worn out".

The 6.4TB card, rated at 22 PB (yes, petabytes) of write endurance, finally crashed at approx 33 PB of writes.

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@Mastodon so i see that @mozilla just recently enabled localised translations in their browser through a web portal. I got people speaking Russian, French, German and Swahili in my feed and always have to copy the text into a translator to read what they are saying. Is there an initiative to bring a localised translation feature to the official Mastodon client? Thanks!

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