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It worked! A fruit salad and a bowl of granola with soya milk (washed down with some coffee) seems to have done the trick :)

Right, time for a vegan(ish) hotel breakfast that'll hopefully settle the Wagamama tofu curry that's still churning away in my stomach this morning.

Counterculture is inventing your own counterculture because the other countercultures are too mainstream.

@MereLinuxMortal I'm not sure where you live, but if it helps I live in the UK.

I actually spent a year working with a colleague with the same name as me who was also female. This probably didn't help 😂

@ajroach42 @nergdron @guerrillarain Blimey!

I've had one since I was 14, and that's considered quite late compared to my peers! (Package holidays in the Mediterranean are all the rage in Britain)

In other news, there's a gender API site that reckons Bobby is an entirely male name.

As someone who's been mistaken as a woman in email chains more than once because of my unisex name, I find this somewhat surprising.

In honour of the not small number of "furry" people that seem to be on this site, here's something weird from Gadgette. 😹

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Someone figured out how to get a Dreamcast online with a Raspberry Pi.

@Siphonay @lurak @Violet my solution to that problem is switching all the Cortana stuff off whenever I have to use Windows 10.

(I say "simple", but Microsoft don't make it easy)

As a sidenote, Windows 10 does collect more telemetry than just the terms you type in your search box. It tries to learn how you type across the whole system unless you disable it in the privacy settings panel.

@lurak @Violet @Siphonay it's already won on everything that isn't a desktop.

@Violet @lurak @Siphonay Indeed, 8.1 was an improvement.

But I think by that point they'd already used up everyone's patience & goodwill!

(Imho a version of Windows isn't good if you have to switch off most of it! 😃)

I'm amused that there's more people saying they're too tired to argue about which version of Windows is best than there are people arguing about which version of Windows is best.

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@Violet @Siphonay @lurak (Windows XP and 98 SE were my favourite OSs before Vista made me a GNU/Linux guy 😃)

@lurak @Siphonay @Violet to bring you up to speed, 7 is the least annoying (IMHO).

Vista & 8 need to die in a fire. 10 is improving, but still a privacy nightmare.

@deshipu @mikebabb I dislike the idea of it being "opt-in" by default, and the fact they want to track which apps I use and how long post-installation which (with fingerprinting) makes me feel deeply unsettled about this.

there's no detail on whether the command like upgrader for 16.04 will have an opt-out either.

I understand why this information is useful & why they want it. I dislike the way they would potentially be going about it. Perhaps more information will address my concerns?