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Bobby Moss

Birmingham always makes me want to play classic versions of SimCity because of all the imaginative solutions they've come up with for traffic and the very familiar-looking high rise buildings.

I'm actually kind of proud of some artwork I did for Mastodome's "About" window. 😎

Basically I was trying to represent why we all use Mastodon instead of Twitter, and link this back to why I came up with that name for my client app.

(The actual Mastodons are public domain images I cropped and edited)

I was able to pick it up and play with zero knowledge. The icon art needs some work though.

Also if you get a "permission denied" error when you try to save your city, make sure you save it to a folder in your home directory.

Annoyingly couldn't find a spare CD, so the G3 clamshell is out. But I did find a DVD-RW, so at least I can install Lubuntu on the G4 iBook. 😃

Amazingly the Acorn Electron works on my living room plasma screen. Although I had to mute the white noise blaring the speakers!

After a little rummage, these are the most recognisable titles to me (without further research)

Yes, I do have two copies of Gauntlet for some reason!

(The others are SimCity, Chuckie Egg, Paper Boy, Tempest, Escape from Moonbase Alpha and Superior Soccer)

I'm a little stunned at the crazy number of tapes I've been sent. This could take my months (possibly years) to fully explore!

Those tapes you see are stacked 3 high

This particular model doesn't have an in-built floppy drive, but I feel this is more than made up for by the extra accessories like a working tape deck and all the books it came with

Here's the Electron itself. It's been in someone's garage for years so the keys look a bit mucky, some of the keys stick and the expansion connector looks a little corroded.

I see this being an interesting restoration project

Of course that's not what they all look like. Some are in these smaller plastic cases

This is what the inside of those game boxes look like. There's an intro to the game and loading instructions on the inside cover. The tape itself is cut into the box

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Here's an oldie but goodie I posted on the bird site.

This is by far and away the most passive-aggressive encounter in Pokemon Gold. It's awesome they kept it in Heart Gold!

To update btw, 2 weeks on my laptop is still happily running Trisquel. Even if I do need to use a USB-C dongle for WiFi now.

I also used this machine (instead of my Ubuntu desktop) to take screenshots for the unrelated tutorial I wrote for LXF232. 🤓

Currently installing Trisquel GNU/Linux on my main laptop.

Running it live from the DVD was problematic, hence why I'm using the text mode installer.

If trying out this FSF-approved distro works out well I'll be installing it on more machines. 🤓