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Wiltshire is mercifully finally getting some rain.

Hopefully this means what's left of the Novichok gets washed away and people near Salisbury Plain can rest a bit easier about wildfires and unexploded artillery shells mixing

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My activity this evening was making strawberry jam. I'll be giving the left-hand pot to my parents tomorrow to say thank you for the garden produce they gave me over the weekend πŸ‘

Since I left Facebook and Twitter, this is what the world around me feels like

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This should make that Acorn Electron I need to refurbish a little more interesting to use πŸ€“

A first aid kit is probably a good plan too, seeing as I've just had to cut up a perfectly good dishcloth because it was the closest thing I have to gauze!

Thankfully I do have painkillers πŸ‘

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...and this is the other totally unrelated retrogaming desktop I have. But I'll talk about that particular project at a later date πŸ˜‰

This is the ye olde beige keyboard and mouse I bought for the retrogaming rig BTW.

It also came with a pair of crappy PC speakers that died pretty much immediately, so will probably be using my modern black Logitech 2.1 speakers + subwoofer.

But what about the other 14 parts? Are they important?! πŸ˜‚

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My 2500th toot on this handle is full of butts.

tfw the notification sound for the BBC News app on your phone nearly gives you a heartattack.

I seem to have some anthropomorphised animals in my living room.

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Zero wing updated to be GDPR compliant.