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Bobby Moss @bobstechsite

It's not my first attempt, but for the first time in years I'm having another crack at joining

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@bobstechsite I was checking it out recently but wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit. Do you have any advice/complaints?

@electricwitch I think the main issue is you'll probably only really use the "acquaintances" circle to follow randoms on the internet.

Getting friends and family off Facebook and onto it is tricky because it has a learning curve. eg. learning that hashtags are actually useful and which pod to join.

I don't think you get much more from it than you do on Mastodon tbh. The posts are a bit longer, but there's a lot fewer people.

@bobstechsite Very helpful, thanks! Looking forward to listening to the first episode of your podcast, your voice is so relaxing 😍

Is it worth it? I saw only foreign posts, a racist account and no easy way to participate or view conversations aside from purely following tags. I assume I didn't use it to full advantage, but it just felt too clunky and even forced as a UX. Mastodon is far superior.

@thecapegreek I've found Framasphere isn't too bad, but you're right that you have to subscribe to a lot of English language hashtags to see stuff that's relevant.

You're also right that Mastodon is better. It might have shorter posts, but this is where all the people are.