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This is what the inside of those game boxes look like. There's an intro to the game and loading instructions on the inside cover. The tape itself is cut into the box

Of course that's not what they all look like. Some are in these smaller plastic cases

Here's the Electron itself. It's been in someone's garage for years so the keys look a bit mucky, some of the keys stick and the expansion connector looks a little corroded.

I see this being an interesting restoration project

Bobby Moss @bobstechsite

This particular model doesn't have an in-built floppy drive, but I feel this is more than made up for by the extra accessories like a working tape deck and all the books it came with

@bobstechsite Or rather, I spy an HHGG themed beginners guide?

I'm a little stunned at the crazy number of tapes I've been sent. This could take my months (possibly years) to fully explore!

Those tapes you see are stacked 3 high

@ajroach42 tbh I'm not sure if they accumulated them as a (very rich!) kid, diligently snaffled all their friends' cast offs when the Electron went out of fashion or if they were simply a collector that lost enthusiasm!

My guess is they kept buying them second hand through the nineties. Some of the price stickers drop down to as little as £2.99! 😂

The most important thing though is that the Electron does turn on! Tomorrow morning I'll hook it up to the CRT TV I use for retrogaming to see if that still works.

The tape deck doesn't have a power cable, but fortunately the connector looks fairly standard so I probably have a compatible plug buried away somewhere

After a little rummage, these are the most recognisable titles to me (without further research)

Yes, I do have two copies of Gauntlet for some reason!

(The others are SimCity, Chuckie Egg, Paper Boy, Tempest, Escape from Moonbase Alpha and Superior Soccer)

Interestingly despite having the keyboard insert for it I didn't immediately spot Elite. My guess is it's probably on one of the compilation tapes.

Failing that, I'll be downloading a copy and flashing it to a cassette myself. (You can't have an Electron and not play Elite! 🤓 )

My apologies for not CWing all this micro nostalgia btw. Tusky doesn't seem to have that option for some reason 🤦‍♂️

What I will do over the weekend is post a list of all the cassettes in this collection on my blog for people to pour over at their leisure.

I also suspect if I can get everything up and running that posting some video capture of these games on YouTube would probably be an awesome plan 👍

The photos will also be re-taken with a DSLR in better light conditions!

(It's nearly 2am UK time, hence the crappy smartphone pics of Acorn Electron & sundry)

@fdgonthier Noted. What a strange place to bury it!