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As promised, episode 3 of the Bob's Tech Site is now available!

This time it's all about free software and why it's awesome. There's also a couple of new sections I'm trying out for future episodes.

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Draft: How to implement a basic ActivityPub server

I guess if someone could give it a test run and tell me if they're struggling with something before I publish, would be great

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This is also why I have that basket of cables from 15 years ago

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PCMCIA: People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

On PS4 I did everything in No Man's Sky apart from buying a freighter.
So all the base, vehicle and Atlas missions. I also had a go at traveling through the Atlas portals.

For PC I'm essentially starting from scratch. The super-special backer starter ship is a bit rubbish, so I ended up replacing it with a junker I salvaged about 10ks away

I tried the PC port of No Man's Sky for the first time in 2 years this afternoon. (I played it mostly on a PS4 when I had one of those because it was a buggy pile of crap in 2016!)

Everything worked fine. The only bug was not being able to type in new names for ships and systems. For some reason my keyboard output went into Discord instead (so I'm glad I never pressed Enter! 😂 )

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They are right that Intel's fortunes have roughly coincided with Microsoft's.

Google swooped in and ate Microsoft's lunch with smartphones and tablets, and ARM chips were better suited to that application.

It doesn't surprise me that Intel scrapped Atom and now make ARM chips for mobile devices.

They've become irrelevant on mobile devices, sat on a design flaw that renders decades of chips insecure, are being overtaken by AMD & now their CEO has been ousted over a sex scandal.

It's fair to say that life for an Intel employee these days must be far from dull.

I'm starting the day with a fry-up, instant coffee and a movie called Spaceballs.

I am all of the highbrow.

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There is no more noble pursuit than sharing knowledge and wisdom.

To ignite the flame in the mind of another.

Know this fediverse.

It is your sole reason for being, whether you accept it or not.

Gain wisdom, gain knowledge... then give it to others.

Heal the world through esoterica.

It is all that can.

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#Popper explains the #tolerance paradox, or why you should not tolerate intolerance.

It seems that in addition to helping others this post I wrote clearing up misconceptions about being helps me on occasion too.

This morning I was in the "am I really just gay?" state of mind. Reading these words I wrote earlier reminded me that this is just the world in general messing with me again 😅

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Right, as I failed miserably at I'm going to point people towards worthwhile links for donating money instead. (Fingers crossed there's no typos this time!)

@maloki for stuff:
@GinnyMcQueen for activism & sundry tech projects:
@ashfurrow for running, the instance my account's on:

Framasoft's funding campaign for PeerTube:

Right, I failed at doing an FF toot twice. First was a typo, the second time it duplicated part of the first line when I copied and pasted.

I'm going to try this again another time! 🤦‍♂️

Why is it such a pain in the butt to edit and redo a toot?! (I remember hearing this was fixed in a later version of Mastodon?)

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How markets plundered Free Software's best stuff and used it to create freedom for companies, not people

> But markets discovered free software and turned it into "open source," figuring out how to create developer communities around software ("digital sharecropping") that lowered their costs and increased their quality. Then the companies used patents and DRM and restrictive terms of service to prevent users from having any freedom.

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I ported over all Medium posts to the new blog!

I know I still need to add sharing buttons below the content but I'm tired. It should look fine on mobile now, too

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