One hilariously dumb UX I’ve experienced multiple times (confirmed just a couple days ago): Waze switching to a country’s language _while_ driving.
Voice directions were given in French, my setting, and _as soon as I crossed the Spanish border_, voice switched to Spanish 🤦‍♂️
Fortunately I can understand enough Spanish to not switch it back. I guess it selects the most appropriate voice with localized street names, but I think it shouldn't be the default setting.

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i can do nutty stuff with function pointers in C everywhere. but i don't because… duh! it's crazy hard to debug. too much cleverness is always a bad thing.

same with C++ oper-overloading

same with Obj-C swizzles.

same with JS built-in function overloads

but i see lots of Swift devs posting their cleverness as if it's a great thing. use it everywhere! yeah! clever!

*** the swift maintainers and bigwigs need to push pragmatic coding practices. ***

@johnsundell Hey John! Splash is awesome, congrats! I'm thinking about (re)starting my blog, Splash will be part of it for js-less code coloration, but since you said you'll open source the code of your site as well, do you think I'll be able to tick those checkboxes? =>
If you do, I might wait a little instead of writing my own. 😅

Alright, your cats are cute and all, but maybe our _petiverse_ lacks some diversity.

So here's my baby boy playing with his new toy.

(Plus, now you know why my bio says "bird lover".)

I need to safely clone my hard drive to another machine (my MBP needs to be repaired by Apple).

I can't believe how hard this has became with the (crappy) new Disk Utility and APFS + FileVault enabled.

I have to resort to third party tools (Carbon Copy Cloner/Super Duper), and I'm not even sure I'm doing it right.

It used to be a breeze to make an image from a disk and restore it elsewhere, all within Disk Utility.

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If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.

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Petition to rename the federated timeline to "toot le monde"

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To expand on I think the solution is quite simple. Annotate a func in a protocol with an `optional` keyword. If you've not provided a default implementation in a protocol extension the compiler should produce an error saying a default implementation is needed because the method has been annotated with the optional keyword. The intent is made clear in the declaration, and only required func stubs are provided by the compiler

Alright folks, I want to restart my blog/personal website for the nth time.

What do you recommend as a web platform? Here's my checklist:
- Avoid Javascript altogether
- Accessibility (semantic HTML)
- Self hosted
- Lightning fast
- Minimalist design (basically HTML with some sprinkle of CSS)
- No analytics (server logs should be more than enough if I want some insight)
- No cookies
- Preferably static site gen
- No hassle to create a post/page from anywhere

Any ideas pretty please?

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I deleted all my Twitter clients, for . I can't help but feel some relief. I didn't deactivate my account per se because reasons, but it feels good.

I remembered it today: there was a time when I always smiled whenever I opened

My only gripe so far with @tootdon is the timeline jumping to top on refresh, instead of showing new toots from the point I left. But I like the UX/UI, more than others clients. (Well, the only other I really tried is Amaroq, it's also good, but the look and feel isn't to my taste)

I don't know why but I feel much more comfortable posting and sharing here. I didn't fully get rid of my bird account, since there are valuable people who aren't going to leave it anytime soon.

But I hope reducing my usage will help turn the tides, I am so disappointed by the spineless decision making. They're letting harmful people ruin a place we pretty much made. 😞

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