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demi adejuyigbe is one of the funniest people alive

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A good, quick read

A Very Selective Kind Of Efficiency: Technologies that seem more “efficient” may actually not be


*extremely disciples featuring calvin harris voice*

how big is your mood? is it like the ocean? what devotion? are you?

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My big fight-starting opinion (perhaps less so lately) is that the current notion of open source contribution is not at all fun and is mostly an incredibly successful effort by SV people to generate a massive stream of free labor

omg finally found a beard balm that effectively prevents breakage. i've also been taking biotin for a while and it might have started having an effect. who even knows.

the fact that chris cillizza is allowed to fact-check anything is dispositive evidence that meritocracy doesn't exist

kind of fucked up how in the world of pokemon people will not let you leave your home town without a trained animal to protect you from getting mauled by a wild animal. sounds pretty dystopian if you ask me.

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Ned's Declassified Late Capitalism Survival Guide

My dang ex-wife’s house,,,,, f o l k s

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is extremely underrated as a work of game design

there's this one part of my beard that is really curly and prone to breakage and it's gotten to the point where i basically have to put in at least sea salt spray every day

would you rather compile 188 modules once or compile 1 module 188 times