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The first ever fully AI generated performance was just held in China. Any guesses how long it will take before this makes its way to the US?

TIL sshfs is abandonware.

"This project is no longer maintained or developed. Github issue tracking and pull requests have therefore been disabled. The mailing list (see below) is still available for use."

@glyph @aynish yeah, and technical solutions can't always fix social problems (reminded me of this onion article)

the most unbelievable thing about Minority Report (2002) is the idea that they'd cancel a major policing project based on the mere fact that it was fundamentally flawed

Cyclists are a disaster for the economy!!
- don’t buy cars
- don’t borrow money to buy too big senseless bolids
- don't buy fuel
- don't pay for repairs
- don't use paid parking
- don't cause any major accidents
- don´t need multi-lane highways

There are developers who think git=github and it causes me epheremal pain in my souls crystal cortex

It’s so easy to forget so here I am reminding myself again

The fact that I have

- a roof over my head
- clean water
- safe, sanitary food
- access to medical services
- stable and disposable income
- leisure time for personal pursuits

puts my existence on par with a level of luxury completely inaccessible to nearly every human alive

and unfathomable to nearly every single human who has ever lived and died

It’s so easy to forget

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau protests the expulsion of Armenians. This is a great reminder of what America was and what it could be again.

What you call building a "python" package is a python script with a Docker container running a Linux VM in emulation because the host is ARM macOS, downloading a source tarball to build with an entire C++ compiler toolchain "hahaha gotcha, again" -- the worlds' C++ engineers

the assumption that if you made an ai that's 'more intelligent' than humans, this would make it normatively superior, and since it was so superior, it would immediately want to enslave or exterminate humanity definitely speaks to how tech bros view themselves and the rest of people

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"Yeah bro I'm super into #crypto what's your favourite block cipher?"

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