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Did you know that EFF creates and maintains tools to help protect your privacy online?

The #Anonymous collective has taken down the website of the #Russian propaganda station RT News.

Anyone here use Diaspora? My stream is full of bot posts and I am hoping to change that.

Thanks to all the contributors of the @torproject and all individuals and organisations who run #TOR (exit) nodes, enabling people around the world to defend themselves against tracking and surveillance and to circumvent censorship. Which for many people still means = you protect their lives! ❤ #ilovefs #nt

BREAKING: New report from Amnesty International finds Israeli authorities are committing the crime against humanity of apartheid against Palestinians in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Palestinian refugees. #EndIsraeliApartheid

Roosevelt proposes a "Second Bill of Rights", economic freedoms that all Americans deserve, guaranteeing healthcare, a right to work, decent housing, education, social security:

The government is establishing a precedent for prosecuting news organizations—anywhere on Earth—who report on an activity they would rather keep locked away in the classified dark.

Do you feel safer?

As a measure of journalistic impact, the Pulitzer Prize holds significantly less prestige than the CIA plotting to murder you.

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