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Google and Apple joined forces and created a privacy respecting system to track exposure, which has been implemented by many countries, most of them choosing the Open Source way. The EU set up transnational exchange of keys, so one app is enough.

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This talk describing the surveillance of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy is crazy and informative. It's is a great example of why privacy is a basic human right and how of we don't protect.put privacy we will loose it.

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Any nation whose military is involved in "cyber" warfare should have its members earning their chops by doing regular attempts at hacking various other organizations within the government, and responsibly disclosing any issues. Trained hackers for the national defense AND free pentesting and improved security for various digital facets of the government. Naturally this is improved by the obvious presupposition that all software paid for and operated by the government shall be legally required to be open source.

The future is now, and it is ugly. We still have the chance to change this though but the chances are dimming every day.

How China Uses AI to Identify ‘Suspicious’ Muslims for Predictive Policing

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According to Cointelegraph 95% of bitcoin's market cap is contained in wallets that contain at leas 1 whole bitcoin (aka wholecoiners), while only 5% of the market cap is contained in wallets with less then 1 bitcoin. At the same time wholecoiner wallets are only 0.47% of all the wallets containing a balance. This indicates a extreme concentration of bitcoin into a few holders..

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**Amy Coney Barrett Casts Swing Vote to Block New York's Pandemic Restrictions on Religious Services**

"The newest Justice just helped reverse a trend of the Supreme Court giving leeway to state restrictions during the pandemic."

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Mastodon uses the same technical standards as many other alternative social networks, so people on one network can follow people on others. This "network of networks" is called the Fediverse :fediverse:

✅ You can follow people from other parts of the Fediverse just like you would follow any Mastodon account!

Try it out for yourself:

@jett1oeil is an account on Instagram alternative PixelFed

@chriswere is an account on YouTube alternative PeerTube

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

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Now available for download, #UseAMaskUseTor wallpapers:


No donation required to download this package, but if you love these wallpapers, consider our suggested donation of $5.

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Some open source projects which solve problems so difficult that they have no real peers:


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**Joe Biden declared winner in Georgia after manual ballot count**

"Joe Biden's victory in Georgia marks the first time a Democratic presidential contender has won the state since 1992."

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Starting January 4 Google will block sign-ins from embedded browser frameworks

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"Two female pirates famed for leaving a stream of “looted treasure” and “treacherous ex-lovers” behind them have been commemorated with a new statue."

"The statue of Bonny and Read will be taken to Burgh Island, off the south Devon coast which saw pirates come and go for centuries, after Wednesday’s London preview."

"Artist Amanda Cotton, who worked alongside a team of sculptors, said: “The sculpture’s design is a metaphor for Bonny and Read's personality, fire and earth. Individually they are strong independent women but when Anne (fire) & Mary (earth) combine they are dangerously unstoppable."

I have this old Mac Book. It still works, but I have no use for it. If any one wants it or knows a NGO that could make use of it I am happy to donate.

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CISA has a page specifically for debunking false claims. Most of the the claims are related to election security. Some of the false claims have been spread by the current president.

Rumor Control | CISA

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