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I'm currently on-call, but there is a reason we don't depend on Akamai, Cloudflare or the big three cloud providers.

So I just watch the fireworks. And pour a glass for those having pagers go off right now due to Akamai.

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Amnesty International categorically stands by the findings of the Pegasus Project, and that the data is irrefutably linked to potential targets of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.

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Muse Group (Musescore, Audacity) Physically threatening FOSS dev w/ violence via Copyright Law 

Copyright dispute is causing the Audacity/Musescore person to physically threaten the FOSS dev -- who is expat Chinese -- with deportation back to China plus notify Chinese authorities of anti-China repositories.

Asshole deleted their comment cause of course they realized they are an asshole.

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“This page is hosted on a Casio fx-9750GII graphical calculator”

…And it loads faster than 99% of your privacy-destroying tracker-laden bullshitware.

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► Cypto-Anarchist Warning :

Israeli firm Candiru is embroiled in a scandal for selling 0-day exploits to governments & helping them spy on 100s of dissidents, journalists, activists & politicians globally.


...including, 2 Windows flaws that #Microsoft patched this week.

Excellent step, now can we do the same for adults too? Police shouldn't be allowed to lie to get a confession in any case.

Illinois Bans Police Lying To Minors During Interrogations : NPR

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Wee, a new APT:

> The company known as “Candiru,” based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a mercenary spyware firm that markets “untraceable” spyware to government customers. Their product offering includes solutions for spying on computers, mobile devices, and cloud accounts.

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Tibetan woman holding flowers, only they're not flowers they're cryptocurrency mining PSUs.

(Via Reddit)

@solene I think the issue is that there are many types of documentation. If you think of man pages as _reference_ documents, than I think they are great. If you think of man pages as complete documenting than they are very lacking. If I want to setup an email server, I'll read a tutorial and then reference the man pages to flush out the missing parts. But if I wanted to setup an email server and all I had was the man pages that would be considerably more effort.

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what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

@tek The Troll Army is going to claim this is a false flag op by the Illuminati :blobcatfingerguns:

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@blit32 it went through private,
all the money given to the domain doesn't go to the islands it represents, but instead to the UK, who forcibly deported the Chagossians (said people) some 50 years ago.

@Scarlet any rant explaining your issues with the .io tld.

@Scarlet do you mind linking to the rant to enlighten those who do not know?

@tek more importantly of they collect the _contents_ of those files it will be your fault too. Can't wait for the great SSH key leak of 2023.

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