Should libraries run search engines? It seems that the original point of a library was to organize human knowledge and culture for the public benefit. The benefit has been great, but libraries aren't the main tool for finding information now. Search engines are. The notion that a library needs to be for books only is an arbitrary limitation. This oversight allowed corporations to move into that traditionally non-profit role, and I'm not convinced they've done a particularly good job.


@distractedmosfet Personally I think libraries should run search engines, host Tor nodes and host Torrents; While also providing access to computers, the internet, software development tools, and 3d printers and maybe even simple online hosting for members.

I am also willing to help any library do any of the above.

@blit32 Seeing some libraries have a server to offer some static-site hosting a-la neocities for members would be pretty neat, and likely reasonably doable.

@distractedmosfet I would hope so. The issue for most libraries _I think_ is less about how to offer hosting and more about what content are users going to publish. For example how can a library protect itself from the liability and backlash of a user using its service to publish CP? What about a user publishing content supporting the "Great Replacement" theory, should the library take the content down and become censors? Or continue to host the content supporting free, if disgusting, speech?

@blit32 Yeah I definitely agree that this sort of thing is probably the bigger question than tech and cost feasibility. I think I'd prefer it be handled more locally so it can match the sensibilities of the region.

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