A small thing that annoys me is FOSS projects claiming fairness and equality, putting their website under a .io domain.

I may've ranted a thousand times about the irony of this, but it still pisses me off so much...

@Scarlet do you mind linking to the rant to enlighten those who do not know?


@Scarlet any rant explaining your issues with the .io tld.

@blit32 it went through private,
all the money given to the domain doesn't go to the islands it represents, but instead to the UK, who forcibly deported the Chagossians (said people) some 50 years ago.


Thank you for raising this. I did not know of that until now!

@Scarlet @blit32

Same deal with .tv tld used by, I guess not ironically at all, a bunch of churches in the US.

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