I tooted about this story earlier, now it looks like it's getting redacted!

Tunisian Central Bank Denies Reports of an ‘E-Dinar’ Digital Currency

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If you do not learn to throw your exceptions, your exceptions will throw you.

The Australian government has proposed using a facial recognition system to verify that people who seek to watch online pornography are of legal age


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When I Took My Zipcar Into the Wilderness - The Zipcar door would not open. My brother and then my sister held the card over the reader and wa... more: theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/

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This is a great piece on is being used as an alternative to the traditional banking system in Palestine.


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Going to kick back and see how far I can get with Mueller Report Volume 2 of 2. This is the more useful one, the first one was an old legal prosecutor taking a faff. This other volume will reveal that grandpa Mueller hides razor blades in those Werther Original Candies he always carries in his pocket.

And then I will be the one citizen that actually read the blasted document. It's a badge of something, all-right.

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They still call it "mass shooting" when the terrorist is not Muslim. That label is so political. https://www.badvoltage.org/2019/08/08/2x57/
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ICE, FBI reportedly scan driver's license photos for facial recognition searches - CNET - It's all been happening without license holders' knowledge or consent, according to The Washington... more: cnet.com/news/ice-fbi-reported

The news incarnation of the 411 scam:

My dear father will not be released by the Turkish government any time
soon.All I ask of you is to assist in the transfer and investment of the
funds in a neutral country on behalf of my son Hassan until he is of age.

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