stupid dnd idea 


Input masking is problematic for accessibility, especially for screen readers. Check out this potential solution: by #forms #a11y

I just “snaked” loose a clog in my kitchen drain using a coaxial cable for analog TV. Don’t let anyone tell you that old box of wires is useless!

It... is.... posted. It's posted? ITS POSTED!!!

this is my longest post ever, and my first attempt trying to explain basic Bash concepts.

Please read! I need feedback!
Those of you who are experienced in Bash, and even more importantly, those who are new and may have tons of questions!

Thanks everyone, and if you think it's good stuff, please spread the word, I want more people to know the awesomeness that is Linux!

Their we are, fixing up bitlbee, just had to update my passwords. I wonder how many of the people who showed up on my list actually still use this.

From my twitter: Bad news: There are Carpenter bees in my fence. Good news: You get to hear them in 3D . Hear them zip by my head and dive at my face. Must listen with headphones.

Their we go, got everything fixed up here. So hello to the new people that I meant to follow...a long time ago. Whoops.

I really should use this more. Just need to remember to follow people back and actually pull up and read the timelines. Funny, I've barely used twitter too.

Well, here we go with a pixelbook and irssi to bitlbee through irssi. Except I have to ssh into my VPS to do it as it says connection refused if I try to do it from the main terminal.

If Calibre would not copy files to it's own directory instead of just working with the file paths I provide it, I'd be happy. Still, I canfix metadata.

The high is going to be 61 here today. Well, at least the sun isn't super hot. I'm listening to Cold on Spotify, so at least I'm listening to the right artist temperature for winter. No, they're not a christmas band.

Glad to see that the only Mastodon client for Android is accessible with Talkback. Nice job Developers.

Perfect. Amaroq fixed notification settings for iOS. Now I wonder if it won, exists for android and two, works with talkback so that the blind are not left out if they are on that platform. I should also email him about the suggestion I have for adding these buttons to the actions router for voiceover users on IOS.

The Spyro reignited trilogy was released today. One of the let’s players that I follow @suzylugme has started a let’s play. Check it out here.

Oh dear, I've gone down the Nightcore rabbit hole on youtube again. This one is good, though it does really show where he squeaks. "Nightcore - Love Is Madness - Thirty Seconds to Mars featuring Halsey"

Come on now bitlbee, what are ya doing here? Quit your crashing already.

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