How come when a house is haunted the ghost is always from the 1700s? Imagine a ghost from 2007 screaming "IT'S BRITNEY, B*TCH" at 3AM

today i set up my xiaomi switch as a doorbell that plays a ringtone, notifies my phone and flashes lights in the living room on a ring. on the cheap

Having fun flashing my Sonoff's and configuring them in Home Assistant. These things are so good when flashed with Tasmota




what's a good resource for learning python for a coding noob?

I should've already recommended Atlas Reactor ( so here it is now:
If you enjo turn based strategies give it a try in a PVP setting with an innovative simultaneous turn mechanic so a single match lasts around 15 mins instead of an hour. This ain't your classic hotseat strategy gaming.
Oh yeah, it's also free to play!

As a non coder setting up Home Assistant proved harder than I thought but I'm progressing slowly and learning on the way. Thanks to everyone that share their configs on GitHub

When I add a new 'follow' here, I'm going to let the person know which post (if any) prompted me to follow. Probably do this privately. But not always.

I followed @carly based on her "When I inevitably go missing" post.

Went from Kodi Krypton to SPMC Jarvis since it has better support for Amlogic chips, proper audio passthrough support and can actually shutdown and reboot my android box from the SPMC menu.

interesting approach to homeautomation sensors, make the sensor smarter and teach it to sense everything. also slightly scary...

subway tooter improved its UI immensely, I liked it before cause of multiple accounts but now I love it

I'm really impressed with the Orange Pi PC+ board with Armbian. It's stable and runs pretty cool. you get so much for only 25$

Armbian running smoothly on Orange Pi PC+ which came with some chinese Android build that didn't survive for long. currently running apt-get upgrade to get everything current

My Orange Pi finally arrived from China...Now I know what I'm doing this rainy afternoon

New Blade Runner looks amazing, the music sounds amazing... I'm officially thrilled for it!

Got my Sonoff's in the mail today, now all I need is to relearn to solder so I can flash those buggers with some nice custom firmware

#Mastodon instances are like towns.

There are those that are more populated, like densely populated areas. There are those that are highly interconnected to each other (like districts of a large city), there are those that are more insular like rural towns.

You can live in one place, but can still travel elsewhere regularly, or have friends who live in other towns (remote follow). Similarly you can have your main residence in a city, but have a summer home somewhere else (side accounts).

I was all set to wire my home network today and then I realised I don't have a crimping tool and it's Sunday...

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