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- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

Reading "Modern Operating Systems" and "Structured Computer Organization" by Tanenbaum together for two different classes was a great idea. It's going to be a fun 16 weeks!

Getting a head start on my Operating Systems class since they opened up the entire semester's worth of assignments.

adulting is banned
i'm making this decision unilaterally and no one can stop me
no more adulting
ice cream, cartoons, and stuffies for everyone

Been pushing patches to our wearable devices remotely without any catastrophic issues. Really nice feeling to see the system you've designed and implemented over the past 4 months work over and over without incident.

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So #Signal is supposed to be installed on a smartphone before you can use it on desktop? Unofficially, the desktop version is perfectly capable of creating new accounts. All you need is a number to receive an SMS or voice mail. Here is how.

I'm learning a lot as I branch into GoLang for my work. Here are the 3 biggest lessons I've learned so far as I migrate from PHP. #GoLang #WordPress #PHP


I don't think I did a formal introduction on this instance, so here you are

Principal Software engineer out of Buffalo, NY, USA. #PHP #Golang #JavaScript #Python #Web #Microservices #Software #GNU/#Linux #Android

He/Him, cishet, married, monogamous, father, ally, advocate, overall boring individual. Trying to raise my kid to be better than myself and to make the world a better place.

Ah, there’s nothing quite like going out for drinks and ending up talking about Vim, Emacs and hands not leaving the keyboard, is there?

(I’m available any time in case you want to do that)

Really cool seeing our product at the booth at!

The only thing harder than exiting from `vim` is exiting from `screen`.

Yo; His palms are sweaty, code's weak, deps are heavy; There's compiler errors already Show more

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