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Ringing in the next socially important unit of time created by humans by submitting to

Going to do some and tonight. No frameworks, no build system, no shenanigans. Just using CDNs and vanilla Go templates for a mini app.

First time using "mime/multipart" to POST to a pre-signed short-lived S3 URL for uploading an arbitrary number of files from IoT devices. Implementation was easy, but the IAM policies were, as usual, not easy.

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

"unpopular opinion: lean startup is not a good book
more unpopular opinion: most startup/mgmt books are repetitive and poorly written, only serving to glorify founderhood - instead read books on criminal justice, environment, healthcare etc this year and learn about real problems"


What if I told you...

Not that long ago, floating point arithmetic was a fancy optional extra on CPUs?

H*ck, most of the systems I cut my teeth on had no hardware float support at all.

We did some serious tricks with integers and sine tables.

protip: if you dont want to move your hands from your keyboard to write a new toot, you can press "n" and start typing

I am beyond moved that has voted for, the organization I recommended for our holiday charity. All individual employee donations will be matched by the company! Thank you!

Hi Friends, I'm looking for a new full-time position for something related to distributed systems. I'm a full stack dev with a strong knowledge base in p2p systems. I'd really appreciate introductions to anybody that would be interested in my skills.

#P2P #distributed #decentralized #Dat #IPFS

Folks, you don't need to know #golang to use #goHugo, anymore than you need to know #PHP to use #WordPress.

Wow. The Spring 2019 terms doesn't start until January 14th. I have so much time to get a massive head start on my independent study course.

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