Good ol' struct embedding an interface type into a concrete type to implement and mock parts of to provision a device and generate keys.

So I think my astral projection was up last night figuring out more implementations or I had really productive dreams.

I have a desire to buy a .sh domain, but I have no real to or have any idea what name to use.

The moment I need an `else if` I change it to a `switch` for readability. This practice applies to any language.

I love this. We need more articles on survivorship bias and "correlation is not causation" in biographies or self-improvement books.

I'd like to participate in , but I'm not sure where to get started. I can help with , or projects.

Feel free to @ me, if you have a project that fits the bill.

Who cares if the thing you want to build already exists. Build it anyway for the learning experience.

I have to design a software project for class of our own choosing. The idea is collecting phone sensor data and sync it with vehicle sensor data from the OBD2 port during a racing track session to be uploaded and analyzed in the cloud. I just need a name.

@gudenau I come from Go so they actually are not so bad in C. I'm used to having to compose things together. So far so good!

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