I rewrote a app in today that runs on our wearable devices. I was impressed how easy it was to port over and how small the final release binary was. I got it down to 288K with `strip` and `upx`.

Knowing these 2 languages for backend/embedded will serve me well.

Just did a cost estimate for and it seems too good to be true from a cost per device perspective.

"With the CPU switching back and forth among processes, the rate at which a process performs its computation will not be uniform and probably not even reproducible if the same processes are run again." - Modern Operating Systems, Tanenbaum/Bos

When hiring senior engineers, the company doesn't choose the candidate, the candidate chooses the company: hiringengineersbook.com/post/t

#data and #behavior are two distinct concepts in #Golang, not conflated into a single notion of “class”. – Rob Pike rakyll.org/typesystem/

LiteIDE is a Free, QT-based, pretty decent and lightweight IDE for the Go programming language.

I can't escape the feeling that LiteIDE would be more popular if only they hosted their project at a non-sourceforge website.

I also took a look at IntelliJ's commercial IDE called GoLand, but it's not exactly lightweight, and it's definitely not Free.

#golang #IDE #LiteIDE

lifehack: whenever public wifi asks you for your email, instead of giving it to them, do this ONE NEAT TRICK

look at the name of the company trying to collect it (it will never be the restaurant or cafe, always some soulless data brokering tech firm) and type in "sales" or "hello" @companyname.website

give them a taste of their own medicine!!

"What’s needed instead is a movement to reclaim technology: to prevent its capture by capital, and direct it towards creating social value. Of course, the tech giants are not going to cede this ground easily. This is why the demand of the future will not be to tame or reform Silicon Valley, but to abolish it."

'Abolish Silicon Valley'

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