@blainsmith Sure Matrix is an alternative, but it doesn't have the recognition IRC does. Most know of IRC and most don't know of Matrix.

package main

import (

func main() {
i := flag.String("i", "", "in")
o := flag.String("o", "o.gz", "out")
zf, _ := os.Create(*o)
zw := gzip.NewWriter(zf)
f, _ := os.Open(*i)
io.Copy(zw, f)

I find it funny that people try to get me to do a thing by making it a competition to win something. It never works. It's never motivating. I'm not competitive with others.

I just found out that Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (2018) and Ava from Ex Machina (2014) is the same actress, Alicia Vikander. 🤯

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GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX and UNIX stands for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service so the full proper name for GIMP is actually:

GNU’s Not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program

Degree plan finally approved at @SUNYEmpire@twitter.com. 6 classes left then grad school. 🤘

I caved bought The Linux Programming Interface and TCP/IP Guide on nostarch.com. Two highly recommended books for a lot of people.

Rad home office @system76@twitter.com Galago Pro, ALT Laser, @steelseries@twitter.com Rival 110, dual game wallpaper instagram.com/p/Bqn3ewOHOzX/

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