To be fair though, I love that mastodon gives you a direct plug to like minded people. And I really like that.

But even though I very much enjoy Bob's long rants on people skills in the tech world, or Alice's thoughts on the future of AI, I never want to see what their cat just did or that they traveled to Paris during the weekend.

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Does mastodon serve a purpose?

Some call it their 'home' on the internet, but I can't help but feel indifferent to / uninterested by other people's lives. I only want to read about other people's (big) experiences and tech related topics, but not about some random cat or an update on what a stranger had for breakfast.

I feel guilty if wasting my own time reading my feeds here, because I see (mostly) nothing of personal value to me.

Maybe this just isn't my thing?

#neuralnetworks question 

Note: you have to run the network for about 300 epochs to see the boundary

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#neuralnetworks question 

What is causing the round shape of the classification boundary? [see link]

I understand that the individual decision boundaries of the hidden nodes form a polygon, but what causes that polygon boundary to become so smooth and round? Is it some magic performed by the nonlinear activation function?

I've got a raspberry pi and a 3.2 LCD screen. I'm thinking of building either a photoframe or a google calendar viewer. Not too interested in a gaming device. Any other cool ideas that I'm missing?

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