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2019 is going to bring some interesting works from this agency.

As mentioned in @jalcine's Patreon post; will have a hub that those who want to provide Koype-as-a-service in the most ideal format. Expect more on that soon.

An initial call-for-testers is coming for , a native client targeting F/LOSS environments.

Follow this account to stay informed about these moves.

@kensanata Please add me to Organisations, NGOs & Associations, Small Business Owners.

Hey y'all!

I'm looking for candidates / leads on someone to help me with branding. Largely picking the following:

* brand type
* logo design
* marketing material

Reach out to me at

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Thanks everyone who's supporting @jalcine! I'll be dropping some sneak peaks of what's in the pipes for and early Monday morning PST!

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Introductions! Kubuntu disappeared from Mastodon when died. Good to be back. We provide the Plasma environment and KDE sorftware on an Ubuntu base. Friendly software! boosted

Okular is a fantastic KDE app that lets you view and annotate various document formats, including PDFs.

Did we mention it is fantastic? Well, you can help us make it even better!

Join us tomorrow, November 17, for an all-day bug-hunting session in -bugs IRC channel on freenode.

More details about the Okular Bug Day here: boosted

Integrated Development Environment KDevelop 5.3 is released today with support for the Qt analyzer Clazy plus improved C++, Python and PHP support. boosted boosted

@L00pesth3r Thanks for posting! The of the user is part of the core mission of @kde. We can hope for success of Sir Tim in his newest endeavor

We got some new projects cooking with clients which gives us runway to work on FL/OSS! One of our biggest projects is by @jalcine. If you want to support, visit

Quick update!

I've decided to introduce discounted pricing for those with projects and/or ambitions that allow for those who qualify to work with You can learn more by emailing me at or glancing at

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it's cool that facebook puts me one mouse click away from threatening my immigration status

This consultancy focuses on building custom software solutions or working with your team to complete stretch goals towards them (check out for more information.

Hey there!

This account's the public facing federated social media account for the software consultancy It's run by @jalcine. I'm super happy to be on here and doing business with your software needs on here!

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