I made some tweaks to Fortress. Mostly styling but now all of the rel-me checking happens on the fly. By default; it’ll be inactive so Fortress returns pretty quickly. I should have that fixed up with it trickling in correct values (which will stay correct, btw) over time. And to ensure that this isn’t a fully JavaScript dependent site; I’ll have it present a notice about it refreshing every 3 - 10 (adjustable) seconds to check if the verification’s completed.


Also, by Friday, we plan to have support for silos like GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, Patreon and Keybase. After that, work on allowing people to use sites that point to sites like Pleroma, Pixelfed or Mastodon and sites will be under-way!

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Hey there!

We've made some updates to ! Though not completed, the sign-in flow is _almost_ there - should be done by end of this week. Also we've settled on a logo for , the first of the projects to get one!

Happy Sunday!

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