Good PST morning !

Last night, I pushed out - a splash page to garner interest from those who've been following @jalcine's progress on the project thus far. The goal is to make a hub to make it simple for people to start using Koype; as simple as signing up for a silo ( but with one caveat - from day ONE; you own ALL of your data (

Sign up for release info at!


@blackaf @jalcine Excited to see it!

Fwiw, subscribing to the announcement email list was slow and confusing: had to enter my email address twice, opt in to email but not direct mail, unblock Google trackers in my browser, complete a long captcha, wait for a confirmation email. Email seems so straightforward, it's too bad that these mail services make it so hard to sign up.

@npd @blackaf

Yeah; I wanted to avoid using Mailchimp but it was the easiest solution for me. I can def tweak it down a bit.

@npd @blackaf Just removed the double opt-in! Thanks for the feedback! If I had more time; I would have just written something myself to be honest

@jalcine @blackaf cool.

I wish there were good drop-in services that handled those sign ups in a friendlier way. I know anti-spam is a constant concern for any service doing email distribution like MailChimp, and that sending a ton of email on your own infrastructure has its own complications, but it feels like there's room for alternatives.

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