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@ParadeGrotesque you can't make Microsoft go away. They're the most valuable company in the world. So your choices are to encourage them and appreciate their open source efforts, or to continue to disparage them. Which of these options encourages the engineers at Microsoft to keep pushing for open source? Reard them for the good they've done so they keep doing it. They can't un-open the things they've open sourced. They've made permanent and meaningful contributions to open source and I'm thankful to them for it.

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Your brain automatically translates wtf but not lol.

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!!! There's a new book coming out in a month about the CULT OF THE DEAD COW -- one of my all time favorite hacker groups. Fuck ya! Go pre-order this shit!

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People talk about alpha men or beta men but what if I want to be a release candidate man or maybe a stable man providing long term support?

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It's an icky feeling when you post a cool photo then get a new Instagram follower that's clearly just a mini-corporate account looking for follows/exposure. Maybe it's time to look into

I recently read an article lamenting on how Jenkins doesn't have the tools to scale well for large projects (many build configurations). I don't know enough about that, but it's been life-saver for my personal projects and was really easy to configure. I'm not sure why you'd need 500+ build configurations unless you're maybe Google?

It looks liked like spring had finally sprung in Chicago with the daffodils and tulips blooming and now they're going to be covered in inches of snow. 😭

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⚠️We have updated some limits:

- Caption limit increased to 600 characters

- Bio limit increased to 250 characters

- Album limit increased to 8 photos

- Max upload size per photo reduced to 15mb

- Account storage limit increased to 5gb

For those of you that don't know, Eve Online is some serious shit. There's a whole dev scene built around helping your 'side' beat the other 'side'. And this is completely outside the game. It's awesome!

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Wow. Google Chrome now specifically exempts Google's own cookies from deletion when you ask it to delete all your browsing data. Yes, I checked -- still had Google cookies afterwards.

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Hmm, have now been able to upgade to 2.8.0 but even though all services are running, I can't access the #Mastodon web interface at all.

I'm at a bit of a loss for what's going on

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The husband likes to have Netflix on in the background in the office while we both are on our computers (yes, we share an 'office'). Can't. Get. Headphone. Music. Loud. Enough.

I finally decided to migrate a very very old project to a modern ORM. The previous proprietary structure was awful, but the conversion is painful tedious.

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On another happy note, my article style looks WAY better, and much less like garbage.

Still a lot of improvements to make, but it's readable now. Check out this one:
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