So I love Vue but totally didn't expect them to try to backport some vu3 features to vu2 code base. Wow.

@nolan ....and why FF doesn't support features others do. like styling scrollbars!?

Damn. WandaVision is just doing everything right. Keeping you guessing while slowly exposing small things as it moves along. Was skeptical at first but has me hooked.

Watching 'High Score' on Netflix with the hubbie and loving it! Hope they get to John Carmack and his genius too.

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Getting a new laptop means learning a whole new keyboard *as* I continue coding plus finding out how to enable/install all the right dark themes again!

So..programming offers you 10+ ways to do something and 5 (maybe 7?) of those ways are shit and you shouldn't ever touch them.

Damnit, bitbucket is dropping mercurial support and I need to migrate all my old repos. Fuuuuuuuck.

JQuery + Vue.js in the same page!?!? Yes, I am doing that.

I would say it's general a good idea to follow the developer blog for the web API you consume. Sometimes there are important announcements....

beers + side project coding is so satisfying.

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A year ago today we launched!

Thank you for helping create a safer platform for photo sharing on the fediverse.


So when I found out that Postgres' 'text' type is performance-wise the same as the varchar(x) type and you should just always just use 'text' instead kind of blew my mind. That is *not* the case in other DB engines.

@brion reminds me of Slackware compile nights in '99. Just gonna chill and wait for this make to finish.

So Chrome now deciding to block ad-blocking extensions seems like a big self-inflicted shot in the foot/dick/vagina right? I prefer Chrome but I'm left kinda wonder WTF?!

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Apparently Chrome changed the way Service Worker works, so in Pinafore you currently have to reload twice when there's an update. 😒

Found some inscrutable Service Worker code from a Google project that fixes it, but I have only the vaguest idea what it's doing. The Service Worker lifecycle is so complicated, and the browsers all behave so differently, I just regress into a copy-pasting script kiddy.

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this is bunk. c# may be a great language now (i have no idea) but at the time, it was well understood to be a clone response to the threat of java to microsoft


I had a discussion on IRC last night and the other person was talking about how you don't know when MS will just drop and stop supporting a product. Really? MS ain't Google. I would prefer to use open solutions (.net core is now open I guess) but you also don't know when X web MVC framework is just gonna get abandoned. Same risk.

So I'm all for dividing things into 'microservices' to clearly separate different work. But that thing that gets called 2000 times every import does *not* need that http overhead!!

So a deployment goes less smoothly than expected cause apparently I can't trust other people to code review well enough. *grumble*

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