Hey @librelounge listeners, what do you think about the idea of renaming episodes to their air date? So instead of Episode 5 it would be December 29, 2018.


@emacsen @librelounge I like the simple enumeration. Dates perhaps will make it easier to find something in the future but I’m not sure. You could have both or have seasons like s01e01 to get something inbetween.

@bjonte @emacsen @librelounge
I think just numbering consecutively is fine.

I see a little of everything. Some use no episode numbers at all, some just number consecutively, some do the season/episode numbers. Some use an abbrev. of the series title in the number, like "LL5 <episode title>" or use the year for the season number, like 2018-05. 🤔 I don't see much advantage of one way over another.

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