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Just saw this posted to the transgenderuk subreddit

My preferred pronoun is ') DROP TABLE 'gender';

Often I think the internet's mistake is facilitating all the assholes across the world of a particular flavor to gather en masse such that their statistically-ignorant guts tell them that their asshole flavor is important & universal thanks to self-filtering and survivorship bias

New ZX81 inventions! A new interlace mode with three interlaced lines per scan line instead of two. Higher resolution and more flicker.


I got the idea to add a keyword to inline an assembler subroutine instead of jumping to it. That would be very handy and also move the decision about how to use the subroutine from the module maker to the module user. I’ll put it on the todo list.

Yesterday I found a menu option in Gimp to make it use one window for everything. It is kind of embarrasing. I hated the floating windows and this setting may have been there like forever I guess since it is located in an unexpected place.

2018: trying to make a game but falls into rabbit holes
2019: finishes making a game or repeats 2018

Oh, it’s time for the last <insert_anything_here> this year.

Developing on Linux? Tell me what works.

I tried CodeBlocks but the IDE is too unstable. I tried Sublime Text and SublimeGDB but it is too unstable.

I played Under Defeat on the Dreamcast and wanted to rotate the screen to portrait mode but the screen rotates clockwise and the game counterclockwise. Doh!

I was just back from a rabbit hole of unexpected work to debugging my game when the assembler decided that my source code wasn’t resolving due to unstable variables (long story). To the rabbit hole!

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