I found this old classic mini implementation of Donkey Kong Jr. I’m quite surprised that they forgot to implement the double score bonus at 300 points!

#C64 #rétrogaming #raycasting #trsi #demoscene

TRSI (no less) did the most insane thing ever done in computer history.

Releasing a good looking, well playable #Wolfenstein 3D clone on the VANILLA C64 homecomputer from 1982.
This makes games people thought to be amazing like Quake, Half Life 2, the Metro games and what not just look silly from a technical point of view.

Computer #programming probably cannot get more optimized, more insane, more better than this. Ever again.
Because the control panels of your washing machine or your kitchen stove are pretty sure about magnitudes faster and more capable for this than a bloody 8bit C64 with its 0.98 MHz [PAL] clock..


I bought a Turbo Master CPU accelerator and received it yesterday. It works well, apart from being unable to mirror $d000-$dfff to the C64 RAM and thus graphics in that area won't update correctly. I tried Bruce Lee II by first running it disabled and then enabled to get the static sprite images to look right.

I’m going away during the weekend and a bit more so I decided to open the laptop to see if I could fix the noisy fan. I got the computer open so that’s a success but the fan seemed glued together. Fail. So I ordered a new fan and will be laptop-less during the trip. Sigh.

Came down to the basement to do something and discovered my 6yo had been trying to play video games on a root shell of a plotter. A++ hacking, kid. (Before you ask I do not know who told him about zork.)

Cool stuff, #Fediverse ...

#SearchHut 🔎

"SearchHut is a curated free software #SearchEngine developed and operated by #SourceHut."

"SearchHut indexes from a curated set of domains." 🤩

"In the future, it will be expanded to support narrowing down your search terms by applicable tags (e.g. #docs #python), filtering for sites with and without #JavaScript, searching specific sites (e.g. @wikipedia.org), and other features." 🚀



Loving this 💖

Had forgotten to post this, its a Minecraft Swamp Scene! Made for a particular art test. 👀 #pixelart #minecraft

new moore's law: every CPU will become twice as slow every two years from all the predictive branching mitigations

Now when I could test the game on the NTSC machine I could verify that what I thought was wrong colors due to an emulator bug was actually the correct colors! Color 8, light orange, looks very different on NTSC. I need to use different colors on different platforms actually since the color combinations I chose look horrible on NTSC right now.

This is an old TV screenshot from the 3rd of March. It is like a meme, but without any added text. The meme was just born in its finished form on TV.

I changed the voltage regulator in my NTSC VIC20 all by myself (insert your own choice of success music here)! I can now properly test my game on NTSC hardware.

On est tout à fait d'accord avec cette constatation 🤣

RT @Notawful@twitter.com

Just buried out my snapshot camera and downloaded the manual ... sometimes it is a good idea to use the four eyes principle before releasing a manual ... 🙂

Nu är vi två vuxna personer här som nyss bokat tågresa London tur och retur i oktober och det tog en timme. Nej det är inte billigare än flyget men det är inte SÅ svårt som de vill skrämma dig till att tro.

Psh, all these companies thinking they started the "metaverse"
Fools, cower before the original, from the mid-1980s, running on the commodore-effing-64 venturebeat.com/2022/07/08/chi

Anyway, great interview with Chip Morningstar :)

Friday VIC chip replacement progress: this is an NTSC VIC-20 without a VIC chip (or internal clock) running as PAL off of the FPGA (clocks and video)outputting composite correctly. No RAM access yet, but I'll take a square box at this point. Happy Friday! #commodore #vicsrevenge

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