I mistyped ”include” and typed ”unclude” instead. That must mean the opposite - if it’s in there somewhere just undo that include.

I programmed some PHP today. I’m incapable of ending lines with a semicolon. Coming from C++ and having troubles with that... How is it even possible?

I failed to meet the deadline to ship VDC-support in the C128 version. PET was planned from the start but was cut due to time constraints.

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A small intro I have been working on has been released. It’s an invitation to join a Swedish Commodore club. A lot of work went into that to make it run on , , and .


A nice thing though is that character colors (attributes) are fetched from the normal RAM instead of custom RAM to allow double, triple or whatever buffering.

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I have taken a dive into Commodore Plus/4 to port a small demo app. It looks like they really managed to make the keyboard/joystick input even worse than on the C64. On the C64 it was possible to read the joysticks without the keyboard interfering but not they other way around. On the plus/4, keyboard messes up joystick reading and the joysticks mess up keyboard input.

Wow! This was a fascinating read!

The Computer Built to Last 50 Years - Ploum: ploum.net/the-computer-built-t

I can't shake the feeling that my browser projects could be a vital component...

This Friday is the 64:th day of the year. Time for celebration!

The Codeblasters invited me to make the SID music for one of their #commodore64 intros, it was against google so how could I say no? In your face googleee

If I would send GPG-encrypted files to a (modern) Macintosh user, what would I recommend them to use to generate keys and decrypt the files with?

I accidently walked past a vinyl record store and went on a shopping spree, buying five records! Stuff that happens during my project to walk all the streets in my home city.

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