How is this elevator button constructed? Press fast and you get audio and visual feedback, but the door doesn’t open. Press longer and you get the same audio and visual feedback but the door actually opens as well!

If feels like it is more difficult to make a button that works like this.

I have made serious attempts to make my game use the VDC chip as well as the VIC-II. It's not going to happen. The sprites are too large to be running at 60 Hz so I'm dropping it.

Every morning of this December I find a present from my loved one at the table!

A colleague at work suggested it was an off-by-one error.

I have to start with Programming Free Friday again. I never play games.

Apps should use a password manager. They forget my password all the time.

While working on modifying Goat Tracker for my own needs I ran across an assembler that refused to accept ’ldy addr,x’ but instead assemble ’ldy addr,y’ into that. So the source code contains a lot of ’ldy addr,y’. Very confusing! I had a hard time understanding what the code did until I figured that out.

Singstore closes down the 1st of February. 😦

I'm lacking a construct in the assembler to ensure that a bit of code/data is within a memory page. Something that defines a start and end and only adds padding if needed to satisfy the page restriction.

This week I was asked at work to do a talk about development for the company wide code meeting. I feel privileged. I’ll try to set something up when the game is finished.

I dusted off the turbo loader today and got it working. I was planning to run credits and some entertainment during loading but with the current amount of data it loads a bit too fast for that. I may have to reconsider having credits before the game starts.

All That Glitters by Death In Vegas reminds me of the Paperboy title music a lot.

A thing I learned the hard way today: When reading the keyboard matrix on a C128 in fast mode, you have to wait at least one cycle between the write to $dc00 until you read $dc01. Otherwise it might get an old value.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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