I have been given the opportunity to make a medium size refactor at work. This is nice! I’m currently in la-la land where everything is in diagrams and works perfectly in all cases.

This nice paper from Ken Thompson is 35 years old and still packs a punch : " You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself."


Fatshark is hiring a sound designer and an audio programmer for game development work in Stockholm. Are you interested?


A Greta Thunberg mural in Bristol,
by @jody_artist@instagram.com,
finished on May 31, 2019.

Visualizing Commodore 1541 Disk Contents – Part 2: Errors
In order to understand the encoding and potential read errors, it is useful to visualize C64/1541 disks sector-by-sector.
#commodore #c64 #retrocomputing

Commodore Peripheral Bus: Part 5: TCBM
The C16/C116/Plus4/1551 "TCBM" bus was supposed to be faster but as cheap as the C64 Serial Bus. It wasn't much faster, probably not cheaper, and had lots of design issues.
#commodore #plus4 #retrocomputing

Just a reminder to #gamedev if you're doing a #Linux version of your game, be sure we know about it!

Email us: gamingonlinux.com/email-us/

Happy to help test too, no strings attached.

I had to reboot because I accidentally opened a 2.5 GB file in a text editor and the system got busy swapping out memory to disk. There should be some protection against that on an OS level. Punish processes that allocate memory when there is no physical memory left so they can't cause the system to completely lock up or something. Is there a way to mitigate this today, other than turning off virtual memory?

I’m packing for tomorrow’s trip to a retro computer hacking party. I’m so happy I got my projector box that just happens to be perfect in size for my stuff. If I ever get rid of the projector I’ll keep the box.

Today is the 128th day of the year. Turn on your and celebrate!

On my way to a local retro gaming fair. For once I actually have some money to spend.

Making coffee and then this happens. Is something trying to tell me something?

OMG, this spoken word record Let Us Be Enough is so awesome!


Audio quality isn't top notch, but the content is excellent. The lyrics. The rhythm. The music. I want more.

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