I’ve been porting my turbo loader to VIC20. It’s a two bit protocol with a timing critical part to send a byte from the drive. I started off by calculating cycles and taking the different CPU speeds into account to determine the cycle windows where bits are safe to read on the computer side. Everything looks correct but won’t work. I ended up adding cycles by trial-and-error until there’s no margin for error. It annoys me that I couldn’t get it right with cycle counting.

Gubbdata had some nice odd releases! Play SID’s by dialing an old phone! A 1541 running a demo with sound and graphics all on its own!

I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with birdsite.slashdev.space by our very own @garritfra 😊

It’s hard to believe this is taken in Gothenburg city, close to the central station.

Jag brukar säga att ett funktionshinder är en benämning på diskrepansen mellan omgivningens krav och individens förmåga. En funktionsvariation blir inte ett funktionshinder förrän omgivningen blir så snäv att den variationen inte ryms.

My disk magazine player now can switch between VIC2 and VDC rendering on the C128 at any time and it preloads disk sectors while you’re reading. It feels pretty nice. I’m going to start implementing the C64 variant tomorrow.

search: eprom light
response: did you mean ”prom night”?

"A couple of minutes passed so you maaay have turned into a robot... I better recheck."

I wonder who's the robot here.

After a lot of work I have reached a milestone in my disk magazine player. I can now select an article from a menu and render the first page of an article on the screen. Disk sectors are preloading and cached in the background. It’s pretty neat. I got this running on C128 on the VIC chip. Next up is VDC.

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20 years ago Douglas Adams died. This made a lot of people very upset and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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