I found a translator website through reddit (I think) a while back and have tried it the past weeks. And I just love it! It's way better and faster than Google Translate.

One downside though: it's not open source. And it would be awesome to self-host it as well.


From one of the reviews: “you can't relate to anyone and nobody is really interesting.”

Now you know how non-white and non-male people feel about most sci-fi shows (except Alien).

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An INSANE disk turbo for 1541. 50x turbo speed! F I F T Y T I M E S !


Same disk format, but new file format.

I projected a space invader decal on the ceiling that looks correct from the street below.

I hear crazy amounts of people who believe these microchip conspiracies.

I have finally got myself to order a custom built PSU for all my Commodore equipment from Ray Carlsen.

Me on the AtariAge forum. Since it now classifies the image correctly, maybe I should stop posting to not ruin it...

I’ll be releasing the game Volley For Two tomorrow, Saturday, at 06:00 AM UTC. Later at 08:00-09:00 AM UTC I will show the game att the Vintage Computer Festival Berlin 2020. Then at 12 AM - 01 PM and on Sunday 08-09 AM UTC.

I couldn't sleep so I wrote a blog post about critical thinking and programming languages.

If you've ever wondered why I act like such a cantankerous bastard towards Apple's tools – despite having a career in iOS apps and loving the developer community – well, here's why.


I have just published my teaser trailer for the game I have been working on!


On , is it possible to select the time index to grab the thumbnail image from somehow?

I completed my first white taped boulder problem today! That’s a 6C. I’m very happy about that since my development has been stuck at 6B+ like forever.

Pretty immense lineup for Inclusive Design 24, and it’s free with no registration required! Know what I’ll be doing this THURSDAY…

(Corrected because I am bad at timezones)


Game goes into final final testing now. after the final testing.

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