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New game today! It's the weird Comic Bakery game where you have to keep raccoons out of your bread making machinery. Fail and you won't be able to feed the kids.

Looking very sharp, except for the spine which is pretty much shot. -- And... anyone got a spare manual?

用の「QUARTET」のコピーが日本でいくつか入手可能です。 価格は4,500円+送料です。

Teaching the kid how to cheat his school math homework with BASIC.

@FiXato If MSXDev would have MSX2 games, I'd be extra motivated to finish my game. Then again, I really don't have the time, so it's probably for the best.

Grab the floppy rip for "The Games Collection" here! Seems like there's no good working version around atm, so I ripped a DMK version. You can use these with openMSX. Quick and dirty pdf manual included.

@FiXato I already had it! But the "NMS" version. Now I've got them both.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz They're not bad for the time. Just not great to use them for long nowadays. My fingers are spoiled. 😂

Some new Philips hardware. Especially the printer is an item that I never had in my hands before. It's incredibly cute and surprisingly still working 35 years later. Could do with some cleaning love though for when I've got some time.

@FiXato Ha, not looking for yet another hobby! Let's just build those Space Lego sets once a year around Christmas and be done with it ;-)

Like any other mentally balanced grownup from the eighties, I'm getting out the Lego for the Christmas season.

@isaackuo In hindsight, I think this was extreme. Probably the OSSC stretched it too much. On CRT it looks much better, but then, that's all analog, so the screen width/height are all potmeters and set to how I like it ;-)

Progress! Lazer Towers now fire in all four directions even though they clearly need some more FX love. -- Inching towards a playable game!

Running on a real what gets me every time is the stretched pixel aspect ratio. It's definitely not 4:3 -- But I refuse to compensate for it, it'll have to do.

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This is a mockup for now. Still got to code all of that in 😱

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Seeing as there's no transparency on the videoprocessor, I'm trying to use dithering to give the impression of semi-transparent tiles. Not sure if I like it yet. It feels a bit messy 🤪

And another "not so great" game, this one from Sony. But the box is pretty cool and the price was right. Very iconic line of games from back then!

Received a, very near, perfect copy of Konami's Golf today. --More than can be said from the game itself, HAL were definitely better at making golf games for the

Two parcels from the mailman! Hyper Olympics 1&2 and Yie Ar Kung-Fu! Good testosterone-boost for my collection today. 😅

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