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Opening a mail package with a beautiful retro game. And then finding out it smells like 35 years of tobacco fumes... 💕 and 🤮

Streaming some random tunes with the MGSP2.1 player while working. Will try and skip tunes that give me a headache 😋

@FiXato Nou heb ik ineens zo'n zin in appeltaart. Ik ga er met de kerst ééntje maken! En stoofpeertjes!

@peron I've not looked back at the game for 20 years, but just now browsing around, I noticed it's open sourced and still under development from volunteers. Very impressive!

Also came across this great looking Freespace 2 box! Even though I can hardly remember it, I used to be into space dogfighting sims back in the late 90's and early 00's.

Sunday afternoon rummaging through my stuff. Look at this big Antarctic Adventure patch! Any idea where this came from originally?

@FiXato Temperatures starting to plummet here too. We might even have rain next week! 😱

Yay! Found a bug in Beamrider! Must've played this game a million times as a kid but never noticed it before.

Apparently there's a way for an enemy to get stuck off screen as it stops spawning new ones before the enemy counter reaches 0.

@FiXato Personally I rank Voyager above TNG as well! Damn, this is quickly turning into a nerdfest. Let's talk about MSX instead!

@FiXato Yeah, sure, I've got good memories of TNG too. But I find it painful to re-watch. It aged very, very, badly -- imho!

Shalom, Shalom! And welcome to my collection. -- No matter how much you're "Knightmare III", you're just not the easiest to love game. Those walls and walls of Japanese text might have something to do.

@FiXato DS9 is entertaining enough. I watched the whole thing not long ago.

@FiXato I enjoyed DH for a couple of seasons too, but at one point I just got terribly bored of it and never looked back.

@FiXato I remember B5 starting slowly, but then getting much better over time. Fond memories, although it may not have aged well. It's been a long time since I last watched it.

Streaming some sweet, sweet tunes here on the sweet, sweet MGSP2 player from HRA!

Not very chatty cause I'm trying to get some work done, but everyone's welcome to listen along.

@johnhattan Ohh, Radar Love! Those guys are from my neck of the woods. Great song, great band.

REALLY enjoyed playing/cheating my way through Ghost for the

* No item descriptions in-game
* Fair amount of places where you just have to know the map layout - and start over from scratch while you don't

Controls, graphics, sound, are all great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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