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A quartet of Quartets arrived! Ready for their new owners.

Get yours now if you're an homebrew fan!

Bit of late evening coding and playing some Moonsound tunes on the . If anyone fancies listening in, hop on Twitch.

Finally created *PERFECT* ( yes, nothing less ) crate pushing.

Quite the struggle to get it _smooth_ and bug free. Double-buffering combined with switching between static drawings and an actively updated sprite when pushing, were tricky to control.

Lucky to find this great looking King's Valley II for the - These games are getting rarer and rarer! ( Anyone got a cheap Contra or Metal Gear 2 lying around for me? 😜 )

Hey guys! I've got a friend looking for Green Beret for the . Can anyone help?

The Green Beret in the picture is mine. And stays mine - we're good friends, but not that good 😂

Late to the party, but GHOST is just an utterly lovely home-brew game. Should have bought it earlier!

Digitized photo for SCREEN 8. Just look at that error diffusion!

Hello, Charlie! What a nicely conserved box you've got there! ♥️ Never had much love for this game, but my kid does, so now Circus Charlie is one of my favs, cause I get to play with him 😍 ( But use the SD cart and get your filthy chocolate smeared fingers off my mint box!)

@kelbot @FiXato Mine is 9 and he still does that from time to time. Between 4:00 and 7:00 seems to be the sweet spot. I stopped worrying about it as I saw how it slowly gets "better" and I really don't mind much, as long as he goes to sleep in his own bed.

@FiXato I did this with a couple of voxels! You only need very little resolution.

Al final, la versión de disquete de La Abadía del Crimen, ha acabado en Ebay, para todos los interesados del , y espero de verdad que termine en buenas manos ♥️

Aquí está:

Wait? What? The mailman sure's busy today. Konami's Hyper Rally! Already had the cartridge, but now "complete in box" as it should be. 😍

Today, the postman rang thrice! I love to see his face. 😋 LOOT!

Question! A friend showed me this FLOPPY version of Abadía del Crimen (Abby of Crime) that he wants to sell. Does anyone have any info on this? Value? Can't find anything on the internet.

@FiXato Wees blij dat je _wat_ hebt. Ik heb praktisch niks ( ik sta op de foto, maar de computer net buiten beeld )

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